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    I was seeing this girl from work. She sits right behind...I know stupid me. Anyway she broke it off by telling me she didn't wanna date anyone at work and i was cool with it.

    Then a few months down the line we end up in bed together after a work's night out. She then starts messaging me over the next few days kinda like we're a couple.

    I'm like wtf ok we need to have a proper talk so I go over and I ask her what she wants and explain to her that I want a relationship. I tell her to let me know cos I don't want her to feel pressured after a night of drunken sex.

    After that she stops messaging me so a few days later I message her asking her to hang out. She says she's busy

    I ask her the same question a week later and she says the same thing. Next day she messages me and says she doesn't 'like' me like that. Thinks I'm cute and funny but basically to jog on. This happened this weekend past.

    Anyway I don't respond to the message cos what am I supposed to even say to that s**t. My f***ing fault for being a naive f***er thinking sex meant sommat.

    Now I'm sure she's seeing another lad who works with us and the two are always together and finishing work together lately(this week). Anyway like I said earlier, she sits behind me and all I see is those two together. This s**t is pissing me off and I don't usually get pissed off. I've been feeling physically sick

    I would appreciate any advise please.

    PS Oh yeh...she keeps on drawing stuff and leaving it on my desk when I'm not there. And she keeps writing my name again and again on my notepad when I'm not there.
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    Move on. She said she wasn't interested so you have to respect that.

    It seems like she likes you but she doesn't want to be with you. I don't think she is aware that this can actually have a negative effect someone. If she makes any advances I would just ignore them. Try to move on and know that anytime she flirts with you that she is probably toying with you.
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