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Ok so, I've been talking to this guy for around 20 days now and I've recently began going out with him, we did the dirty in the back of his car in the middle of the parking lot (outside the odeon) so it was really romantic - reminded me of the classic "kissing in the movie theater" thing. All was going good up until this point but directly after he tells me (as were driving back to my house) that he had sex with 5 other girls the same way, 2 of which he said were in the time he was talking to me so it was kind of recently. He then told me I should go to the doctors and get checked up for an STD or something so I paniced a little as i was scared and didnt want to tell my mum or my dad that I needed to go to the docots for this, so he tells me that I shoulndt be worried as STDs take 4 months to actually kick in and be spreadable and since the first 2 girls were with a condom then he probably didnt have any stds.

So im kind of on the fence as to if I should see a doctor or not as it was my first time and it's not been 4 months so then they wouldnt pick it up on the blood tests, itd also be scary to ask my parents. But idk if he could possibly transmit the sexually tranmitted disease through sex as we only were at it for like 5 mins.

He is kind of controlling so my mum and dad don't like him and ims cared they'd be angry at me for doing this any advice is appreciated on this thread.
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If you didn't use protection then you should get checked, for your own safety.

Having said that, if you are concerned about him being controlling, you should reconsider whether you want this to be a long-term thing with him.

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