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Favourite game of all time?

What is your favourite game ever? the one game you always go back to, the one you could play over and over? And most importantly, why?

For me, it would have to be Fallout 3: GOTY edition. There is just so much story, the world design is stunning, the characters, the development...just everything about it is amazing, I have personally bought the game 3 times because of selling it and then wanting it back again xD On both Xbox and PS3 :')

A close second would be Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube

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Not sure about all time, but recently probably RDR, Arkham City, MGSV etc


my man
Dark souls
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My dream is to be 'THE' Fallout LoreMaster
I'm a big fan of Doom, it's by far my favourite game to jump back into every so often.

Although if we were to base it on the amount of time playing a game it would probably be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
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Elder Scrolls - SKYRIM
Fallout 3 GOTY edition is pretty awesome too
I love Bethesda games and am happy to lose myself in their worlds ... :itsme:
Goldeneye on the N64 it was BLOODY BRILLIANT.
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Original post by MdE77

I love Bethesda games and am happy to lose myself in their worlds ... :itsme:

Yes! Their world design is just stunning!
Civ V just keeps me coming back...
Xenoblae Chronicles on the Wii. So HYPED for the sequel coming out december 1st. Other than that the legend of zelda windwaker was great, and super mario galaxxy was incredible as was metroid prime triology (HUGE nintendo fan as you can see)
Hands down for me, its got to be Skyrim.
Cliche but yep I'm going Skyrim too, my current favourite game though has to be PUBG
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Harvest moon
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Mass Effect anyone?
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Original post by zKlown
Mass Effect anyone?

Never played it, but it looks really interesting and fun...I should get it
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Final Fantasy 7 has to be mine....
Original post by zKlown
Mass Effect anyone?

Played a bit of Mass Effect 1; amazing game.

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