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    I have always been a quiet person in my class, but last year I found this boy sitting beside me is actually really friendly, unlike his cold appearance. Initially I thought it's purely academic appreciation (as we're competing against each other on grades, arch nemesis vibes basically), but then I realised that my feelings for him are far more complex than that. I thought they would have been cooled down over the summer but that's a lie.

    Now it really troubles me because we are no longer in the same class, and he's not taking the usual way back home which means I can't 'accidentally' run into him.

    What should I do? I'm an amateur in relationships... Plus I don't really have the time to worry about this as college workload and UCAS applications are already stressing me out.
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    hey girl if you dont wanna pursue, every time ya think of him just hit you wrist e.g negative association. But if ya like him and he get on with you hit him up online and if he continues the convo ya maybe in there

    Thank you for your advice, but I really don't think I stand a chance. I mean we talk a lot when we bump into each other, revise tgt in the
    library, sometimes chat on messenger... but that's like what normal friends will do isn't it? He's shown no particular interest in my life, so most of the convos were initiated by me, he just sat there and listen, sometimes engage, not to mention these topics were usually around academic study. I don't even have his phone number or snapchat. My friend has therefore asked me to quit because this relationship is apparently not working by me solely investing. Maybe I just have to give in.
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    Assertive approach or nah?
    This would get you results quicker, be they good or bad.
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