At the minute I am in my second year of a level 3 IT BTEC and am intending to move onto a degree apprenticeship when I have completed it in June 2018. I am 18 and will be 19 in August 2018. I currently claim income support and it is just enough to live on at the moment. I also get housing benefit and council tax exemption because I am in full time education.
Would all of this stop when I move onto my apprenticeship? And if so would I be entitled to any other benefit or would I have to live off the money I receive from my apprenticeship (£3.50 p/h) until I finish my first year and get the National Living Wage after that.
If it does stop and I am not entitled to any other benefit could I realistically live off apprentice wage if I can currently only just get by on £115 every 2 weeks with housing benefit and council tax exemption.
Does anyone have any suggestions?