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I've just graduated from university with a 2:1 in economics but I plan on going back to do a masters maybe in a few years, I've recently been asked by a friends younger sister what I did to revise and I struggled to give a concise answer, sure there was lots of late nights in the library and alot of reading. However there wasn't just one thing I did it was a huge mix of things and alot of trail and error of techniques. I tried to make flashcards which didn't work for me, I typed notes which didn't work for me becaues I'd just zone out and mindlessly type away. I heard about Spaced Repetition from a friend studying psychology, and this guy explains it far better than I can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVajQPuRmk8

Basically Spaced Repetition is a little and often approach to studying and I wish I'd known about it sooner it would have made second year much easier, I adopted this method and at a time when I had 8 exams in 13 days I didn't have to cram entire modules the night before, I went to bed relatively early and I was far less stressed than I had been the year before. But like I said it is a mix of things that leads to good revision and everyones different so everyones going to have a different style. For me I became a huge fan of spaced repetition and technology, big enough that I managed to get an internship at a company that specialises in it. I have recently written a post about 100 of the best education tools I found at my 3 years at university. I am of course bais about the company (Synap) I have my internship with as it was the primary oen I used, but all the others are ones I've found or that friends have recomended. I am sharing it because it took me nearly 3 years to find a revision style that works for me and if it took any longer it may have really affected my grades, so I am hoping this list helps someone else find a tool or platform that works for them early on in their academic career.

Best 100 tools for teachers and students : https://blog.synap.ac/100-best-tools.../#.WenNVNuZPaY


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