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    Hello everyone.

    I am new here, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes. I have very limited knowledge about UK's quality education, so please guide me in the right direction, I'm open to all good advice.

    About my education and career:

    I'm 33, from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have a 2 years Bachelor's in Economics (2007) degree from Punjab University, Pakistan and a 2 years Master's in English (2015) degree from the same university. I have a 6.5 overall score in IELTS. I have 10+ years of work experience as well, here in Islamabad.

    I scored around 50ish percent in both of my degrees, but I'm good in maths and stats etc. Scored 80% in Matriculation Mathematics and 70% in Macroeconomics in my BA Econ. Besides this, for work I've worked in private businesses, semi-govt institutions in management and other positions as well as I am good in computer programming and know a few computer languages as well, but that's a skillset that's of no use here. On a separate note, I have also been working on my personal research on economics based topics, such as Brexit's effects, as well as some comparative studies of the markets for which I've collected data on my own.

    What I Want To Do:

    Preferably an MBA from some high ranking institute so that I secure a good job when I come back to Pakistan after it. I'm hoping for Warwick, or any good business school.

    GDip Economics From UoL:

    Yesterday I registered for the Graduate Diploma in Economics from University of London, designed by London School of Economics programme, in a distance learning discipline. The reason I did this is that, I believe my grades aren't good enough for a good business school, and that I have a 2 years Bachelor's and a 2 years Master's degree, and normally for a Postgrad degree, universities require a 4 years Bachelor's. So I'm hoping that if I study very hard this time and score 70% or higher in GDip, it'll bring me to the international undergrad standard with a good score. And I'll be able to apply to a high-ranking business school in the UK for an MBA. Please tell me, is this the right pathway that I've chosen?

    My Eventual Goal:

    Ultimately, I want to do a PhD, and after my MBA, I'll probably have to do a DBA, I'm not sure how respected that degree is, so I've been thinking that once I'm done with my MBA, and back in Pakistan, I'll work for a few years, save some money and perhaps do a PGDip in Economics and do a PhD in Economics, from again, a top ranking school. I'm not sure, but I think a PhD in Economics will be better than a DBA. Is this a good (yet long) route? Or should I do an MSc in Economics after my GDip and then go for a PhD Economics right away? The reason I'm thinking of an MBA is that I'm not sure if there are actual market jobs for MSc Economics, whereas MBA definitely has a lot more jobs vacancies to offer. Please provide me with some numbers and figures if you can. And also remember that I'm a Pakistani trying to learn and work hard, the opportunities may be different for me.

    I'm sorry for the prolonged post, I hope that you guys help me, for having little knowledge, I'm in dire need of the right guidance. I've already spent a lot of years in working hard, I wouldn't want to waste more years making any wrong choices.

    Thank you.
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