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    (Original post by kilner)
    apologies for yet another cringey, typical GYG title but i had nothing better.
    Hopefully this will give me a little bit more motivation to achieve the grades I want/need, and by writing down my targets and how I will get there it should push me that little bit further to actually hitting them.

    my a-levels:

    biology (aqa)
    chemistry (aqa)
    history (aqa)
    french (aqa)
    extended project (aqa)

    yep, the workload is awful before you ask.
    the epq is such a BURDEN on me to be honest- i really don't see what i will gain from it. and a bit of background, my a-levels have had a very sudden turn around. i enrolled to sixth form on english lit, french, history and financial studies and somehow ended up here...

    and a foreword: i am not that naturally smart. although i can write a good essay and remember things well, it takes me a LONG time to understand concepts and i have to revise a lot to get decent grades. i'm not someone who can drift through with zero revision.

    for the record, literature was awful. i hated how there was no right answer, and it felt like people were using stupid long words just to make themselves sound smart while failing to make points if you get me. not my cup of tea.

    a lil bit of background, gcses:

    english literature - 9
    english language - 9
    mathematics - 9
    biology - a*
    chemistry - a*
    physics - a* (full ums in all exams!?!?!)
    history - a* (full ums again wtf)
    geography - a*
    french - a*
    fine art - a*
    further mathematics - a

    currently, my plans are to do biology, chemistry and history to a-level and french to as. epq is a seperate thing, equivalent to as.

    hoping to get a*(biology) a*(history) a(chemistry) and a*(epq) a(french)

    my aspirations is to study either biology or biomedical sciences. i am interested in pharmacy, which is the topic of my epq, but i hear that pharmacy jobs aren't great at the minute and pharmacies are becoming automated and stuff.

    uni goals:

    Oxford - entry requirements (a*aa)
    Durham - entry requirements (aaa)
    Edinburgh - entry requirements (aaa)
    Lancaster (natural sciences) - entry requirements (aaa)
    Exeter - entry requirements (abb)

    currently working at:

    biology - topic test 1 (grade a, 92%)
    chemistry - topic test 1 (grade a, 100%)

    ... wish me luck!
    You absolutely smashed GCSEs so I'm sure you'll do fine at A Level

    I did Biology and Chemistry (AQA - new spec) so if you need any help just ask

    GOOD LUCK !!!
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