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    how much do predicted grades matter?
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    (Original post by Sadader)
    I just found out that my UCAS application I sent a while ago agve me an A*A*A target, instead of 3 A*s I thought they gave me. I’m applying for top places for economics. How much will this disadvantage me? I got high grades in GCSE and AS (9A* and 4 As), so will I be sent into a lower pile of applicants based off of a stupid decision by my teachers which is literally just speculation? Do universities care enough for it to be a top thing? I’ve worked so hard to get a really good application so I don’t want to be ****ed over because of bad guesswork by my school.
    Predictions are an important factor but they aren't the only factor, ideally you should apply to somewhere lower than your predicted grades so you can have an insurance choice but you could also use a choice or two that are higher.

    If you believe the school has been unreasonable (for example, your prediction is out of line with your AS grades or internal exam marks, or general course performance), you could ask for it to be reviewed. It the A is main maths then this would be worth it.
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    They mean absolutely f*** all mate. I failed all my mocks in February earlier this year with scores of 15%, 38% and 35% in Maths, Chemistry and Physics all at Advanced Higher level (which is Scottish equivalent of A2's) and ended up getting a B and 2 C's in my finals that I sat in May (one of the C's I'm unhappy about though because I would have got a B but my coursework didn't get that good marks even though my teacher said it was excellent). In fact, the whole time I was at school I did 14 mocks and failed about 8 or 9 of them but I still ended up passing all my finals with mostly A's and B's even though my teachers predicted I would get C's and D's and I'm now at University studying Engineering. Honestly, don't worry about what they predict at the end of the day students will ALWAYS try extra hard for final exams because they actually MATTER no one cares about some stupid class test or mocks because they mean absolutely nothing and we gain nothing from doing well in them.

    EDIT: Also, I don't think universities ask for predicted grades I remember asking my teachers last year and they said that only for very very competitive courses like medicine do they even ask for predicted grades. And also, I doubt having a predicted grade of A instead of A* will hinder you at all.

    EDIT 2: Ok so after doing some research I've found out that predicted grades DO get taken into account for English students (they don't in Scotland) so they do kind of matter for you but as I said previously you are still being predicted excellent grades and being predicted an A instead of A* should not hinder you IN MY OPINION.
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