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How to obtain a higher grade in English Literature and English Language watch

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    I'm in year 10, and I have recently done my first English Language and English Literature assessment of the academic year. My English Language assessment was having to describe a picture which was given to us.My English Literature assessment was to describe the theme of responsibility in An Inspector Calls. I got the results today and it turns out I got a grade 6 (new grade B). I know this isn't bad, but as I've been writing other paragraphs about our new topic, A Christmas Carol (In Eng Lit) my teacher says my paragraphs are grade B standard. We haven't started the new language topic yet.

    The thing is I don't want my grade to stay at a consistent level, I want to improve to at least a 7 (new grade A). I just need some advice. For my English Lit paragraphs I use PEECO. Point Evidence Explain Context Opinion. I also include subject terminology What else could I include to just push my work, to that higher level?

    In Language, I include a range of language features such as:emotive and descriptive language, hyperbole, alliteration, oxymoron's, similes, metaphors, personification and pathetic fallacy. What else could I include to gain a higher level?

    I am with AQA and I would appreciate any sensible contribution. Thank you.

    To get the higher grades find good context and find a point to compare it to as well make sure the points match the quote ( really good if you embed them ) you have chosen which should be judicious eg The use of bleach in inspector calls is very interesting as the noun “bleach “ gives connotations of cleansing and purity .therefore perhaps Eva smith is trying to cleanse her body of the capitalist which is making her suffer . This is similar to the working class people in the 19th century who at the time ....... CONTEXT

    This isn’t the best since it’s been a while since I’ve looked at AIC but I had the same trouble with you as I kept getting a 5 and eventually got a grade 8 in lit . A top tip is that start making your notes at home while your teacher is going through it at school so it’s fresh in your mind . Start planning exam questions . You might hear this several times but actually do it as GCSE’s are sooo easy than compared to alevels so you’ll regret not getting the higher grade possible

    Hope that helped and good luck on your gcse journey !
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