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Am I paranoid, does he even like me? watch

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    This could get a little lengthy but I'll keep it fairly short.
    I've been speaking to this guy for around 4 months and I'm planning on going close to him as one of my friends live fairly close, so I asked him if he would pick me up and take me to her house when I reached the train station, he agreed as well.
    The thing that got me was earlier he thought, or so he says.. that he muted his microphone while on the phone to one of his friends, he was laughing and asked about some girls name, which for some reason got me in the mind of, is he going to sleep with her? Why do I feel jealous that he is going to pick up his drunk friends and this drunk girl?
    Not only that but he said he was doing it because they all pay him for basically being his taxi service but when I insisted on paying him when he drives me, he refuses to accept it, I ask why? And he is like "don't play stupid" Giggles a little and then I repeat, why? And then his response was "I don't want to take your money, you don't have much".. when fairly enough I'm earning fairly reasonable amount.. does he even like me?

    Another thing is that, he constantly flirts when we get on call together, he will make sex jokes with me and most the time it gets pretty serious, when I mentioned Doing stuff for real he does this.
    "I'm only taking you to your friends".
    Give or take another 10/15 minutes and he's saying stuff like..
    "How are we even meant to have sex in a car"
    "That girls pretty but she's not you, she doesn't have your perfect curves, be nice sex".

    It's just actually confusing..
    Am I wasting my time, or am I just paranoid because genuinely he cares about my health and other things but sometimes it's like really hard to understand, it's as if I'm questioning everything he does.. we sit on calls for hours upon hours when we do call, he says while gaming that sometimes he gets distracted by me as if to say "you're too cute" and many occasions I have said I know you deep down love me (as a joke) and he doesn't even deny, he says nothing at all and so I respond, clearly i just answered that and he's like "not saying anything"..

    Sorry for the length, I'm just so confused right now and need some advice ..
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    LOL just **** him
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