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    I'm 16 and doing my AS's. I don't have severe aspergers because I still function in day to day life like everyone else but there's just one thing in particular that I find difficult.

    I find making friends really difficult. I never get invites out to parties. I barely talk to people in my year in school apart from one close friend I have and then I don't even know what to talk to people about when I do talk to them.

    if this was a few years ago, I really wouldn't have been bothered about not having friends but now that I'm 16 and in my final 2 years of school, it makes feel down that I don't really have that many friends. When I say that I don't mean that I don't talk to anyone at all, inside of school I do but outside of school I really don't have any apart from one.

    How do you make friends? I honestly don't know! like what do 16 year olds say to people before they become friends?

    I wouldn't mind having aspergers so much if I could actually have a decent friendship group but it just seems so difficult. I really want a girlfriend too and i don't talk to any, the last time I had a girlfriend was in primary school, if you even count that as a relationship lol.
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    I can relate to this quite strongly, in college there are people who I interact with and talk to and actually get on really well with. But then outside of college, friendships are just…not there xD

    The best advice I can give you is to try to branch out a little bit, why not invite somebody from college to do something you enjoy? Or just ask them if they want to hang out or even do some studying together? You could try to find out what other people are interested in and then start small conversations about that. Most people will have an interest in some for of sport, everybody likes a certain type of music, some people like cars and things like that. So just recognise what it is that you like, and then see if other share those likes and from there you can build friendships. If you share an interest with somebody you could find an event related to that (so if you both really like football, invite them to a football game).

    Friends are one of those things that nobody fully understands, it isn’t a science, you just sort of fall into these patters with people.

    You could also try going to any events that your college host 😊
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