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    (Original post by Made to Ace)
    I can do my speaking and listening literally about ANYTHING but i was probably either gonna go for Project MK Ultra or something moderately interesting like mindsets.What do you think???
    That's a bit of a hard one! They could be good have a look at the criteria if you can and what sort of thing they're looking at- do they want something in depth or just that you find interesting? If you're talking about a game or something that you really enjoy, in all likelihood you'll be able to speak much more fluently and engage people than something you have no idea on and started researching the day before. That's not to say you don't still need a plan, just that it could take less work to make it really good! Hope that makes sense.

    (Original post by HN786)
    Im in year 11 currently revising for mocks I think they're going good though. English language i got a 6 in last year and i need to figure out how to get higher. Which I will do the rest of this half term. My 3 sciences have been annoying though I know the content but the questions are so specific and sometimes it turns out they're asking a completely different thing to what I'm thinking. Other than that though hopefully on course for all 8s
    That's really good! Having a think about things over half term is a good idea too. Yeah, I had the same problem with the sciences. I think what helped me most was improving my time management and exam technique- always read through the question twice for example, refer back to it in a longer answer or essay, and if you have time at the end go back through and check that you have actually answered everything- both in terms of something being written in the box and actually saying what they're asking about. It's such an easy mistake to make but hopefully if you start building those things in now, they'll be easier come exam time in May or June

    (Original post by Re8ecca)
    It's alright. Trying to revise maths and english alone with so much homework. The only downer, NO WIFI!!! but other than that fine.
    Homework used to be the death of me! Particularly with so many subjects and balancing it with revision and stuff. It sounds like a good idea to focus on maths and english though, they are the most important especially at this stage. Sorry about not having any wifi, that's annoying!

    (Original post by sophia13)
    They are going alright. Maths is my biggest worry along with french because im doing my french this year in Year 10 and early. I want to stay in the higher set and just carry on doing good in maths. HUH.
    Doing french this year is good! Try watching some french films or tv, something you know well so you can follow it. Some will let you add english or french subtitles so you can be doing something fun, kidding you're family you're revising and actually learning stuff all at the same time. Maths, just start with the basics and work upwards. Aiming to stay there and do your french this year is good!

    (Original post by saharabathai)
    In year 11 and now and doing alright on the whole, however I'm just finding history unbelievably overwhelming as there's so much content. I'm trying to revise for mocks but seem to be getting hardly anything done, I just don't have the time and when i do sit down to revise i get distracted and bored so easily, plus mocks are approaching worryingly quickly !
    I can imagine that with history! Can you try setting a timer or something so you're doing it in little chunks? And little targets- if I can write ten facts down about George V I can have a square of chocolate or when I've written a practice essay on WW2 I can watch an episode of GOT or something. You'll have more of an idea than me but yeah, just a little bit at a time, it'll help more than you think!

    (Original post by Ellie8286)
    Okay, apart from finding motivation to revise (I know it's early) but I'm worrying that I'm not going to know it all!
    I replied to someone else about motivation, but little and often is always easier than waiting until you have loads and loads to get done. Aim for a question a day or topic a week or something, and set yourself goals so you can see yourself making progress. Anything you can cover is better than none, no-one is going to ever know absolutely everything whatever they say. Just do your best and that's all anyone can ask

    (Original post by megan-ginley)
    All subjects are going great apart from english language paper 1 and writing section
    You have plenty of time to work on those! Have you tried asking your teachers what you can do to improve in them, or if they have any practice questions or resources that could help?

    (Original post by r34h4n)
    enjoying the challenge of all my subjects, hoping to do biology and chemistry and summat else at a level. my hardest subjects are definitively geography and computer science especially with the nea i’m starting in a few weeks😭
    That's really good! Those subject choices as well are interesting. What's the nea on?

    (Original post by furryface12)
    Improving slowly is good! Little bit at a time, you'll get there

    What in particular do you find hard about science? Have you looked at the resources on TSR or anywhere like that?

    I did all of those I don't remember the workload being particularly bad, the main thing is just to make sure you understand things as you go along and if you need help ask for it. Otherwise it all just adds up or as you haven't got your head round one thing you can't do the next. It saves so much work to just do stuff as you go rather than all at the end! But yeah, you'll be alright. Good luck!

    You can do it! Anything is better than none and you probably know more than you think. If you have a revision guide then have a read through one of them, or even just sort out your notes and things so you know what you've got where? Or just pick a topic and write everything you know about it or a past paper. There's loads of little things you can do. Good luck

    Are you in your first year or second? Workload can definitely be a challenge, I'm finding the same at the minute. Don't worry about mocks, they are daunting I know but they're there to help you and show what you need to work or need help on. Schools like to put a lot of emphasis on them beforehand but they are just to see how you're doing. Just do your best, that's all anyone can ask Well done on your drama exam, that must have been scary!
    Okay, so, basically my chemistry assessments could've gone a hell of a lot better. I thought I was prepared. I thought I knew how to answer the questions. However, on the day, I screwed up - and I screwed up badly.

    All my friends got higher scores than me and were expecting me to do the same but I didn't. One of them purposely singled me out and said "Let's not talk about her grades, they'll probably be really high" and that ****ed with me because they're not and I am sick of being framed as the perfect student and getting shunned by her.

    Since the fault lies in how I answered the questions I was thinking of going over past papers. Does TSR have a feature that can filter through questions individually and pick them out based on certain subjects?

    I'm not very confident with my English now cause my English teacher from year 10 is on maternity leave(how selfish of her, in my most important hour:laugh::laugh:) and now I've got an RE teacher who says he went to Oxford but you know... and he isn't very good. But everything else is going fine, Maths I find easy (predicted a 7). But Physics is stressing me out.

    i’m doing alright but all these new courses and specifications and everything are such hard work and it’s really stressful! trying to catch up a bit at the moment but i’ve got another year or so *thank goodness*!! it should be alright soon...

    anyone else struggling with confidence and motivation?
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    Any good colleges/6th forms in London anyone would recommend?
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    I am stressing out like mad, I cant seem to sit and do solid revision, which is what I need to do to, I have mocks coming up soon and I know nothing.

    (Original post by furryface12)
    It's half term, finally! Or even halfway through or the end for some of you... Six weeks into the school year, how are your GCSEs going? Any subjects you're finding particularly easy or hard? Anyone wish they'd picked different ones yet?

    Whether you're in year 10 or 11, share how you're doing and how you want to improve (or how you have improved if it would help other people) here

    (Original post by ModdyNeon)
    I'm not very confident with my English now cause my English teacher from year 10 is on maternity leave(how selfish of her, in my most important hour:laugh::laugh:) and now I've got an RE teacher who says he went to Oxford but you know... and he isn't very good. But everything else is going fine, Maths I find easy (predicted a 7). But Physics is stressing me out.
    I find maths easyish (im predicted an 8) and I find physics v.hard. its alot of formulas which Ii cannot handle.

    Feeling like a pretty average student achieving mostly 7s and a few 8s at a grammar school, trying to push for the top grades in the next few months!

    daunting at first, got to year 11 and then they decided to switch it up so we had to start from the beginning. dreading results day already and not looking forward to the next few months but i'm sure it'll get better when everything settles
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