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    Does anyone know of any universities, preferably in London, where it is 100% or mostly coursework? I am looking to obtain a degree in business and management / marketing.
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    In business? No, outside of degree level apprenticeships - because that's not the point of degrees planning to enter that field. Businesses can teach almost anyone how to do the job. An academic degree course lets them select those they need to spend the least time and money doing so, not because they have prior knowledge, but because their academic background is an indication that they can learn new material quickly and apply it to unfamiliar problems.

    If you want to work in business but don't want to do a formal academic degree course - then don't do such a degree. Just look for relevant positions and apprenticeships, and work your way up from there. A degree is nothing more than a tickbox exercise in the business world and if you're moving internally can be overlooked as a "requirement" not infrequently. All you do is potentially weaken you position (by doing a course which is necessarily exam based, and doing poorly in exams), as well as cheapen the relative value of a degree anyway - more people need to be working and moving into these positions that don't require a degree, not the other way around. There are only a handful of areas you can't go into without a degree formally in the business world, such as investment banking (although I believe there are a few schemes that allow you to work into that even with just excellent A-levels, so...) but I assure IBanking roles want to see you do a primarily, if not wholly, academic degree from an academically rigorous institution more than any kind of applied experience or coursework.

    In other fields though, certainly - most visual arts and many performing arts courses are primarily based on studio/production work, although inevitably there will be some history and theory modules which will be exam based. They may also include business or management related modules as options, although these will probably be at least 50% exam based.

    I do PR and Marketing. My degree is 100% coursework but I'm up North. --wow please ignore the poster above, doing a degree that is coursework based is not a waste of time you're in a better position because it's practical. You're given live client projects which you can put down on your CV

    Hi sir please reply me where you've studied I want to pursue a bachelor's in business management by 100% coursework.
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Updated: April 1, 2018

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