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Why do people on TSR hate LGBT community? watch

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    I don't think it's more prevalent here than anywhere else, personally. Regardless though, please do report any homophobic content you see, it's not tolerated on site :nope:

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    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    I don’t hate any member of the LGBT community. What people do in their own time is their business.

    I merely dislike the inviolable status that society seems to award to the LGBT community and it’s agendas, and the fact that many beliefs that might not suit the LGBT community are institutionally marginalised. For example:

    - I dislike the social repercussions that Tim Farron has faced due to his alleged belief that gay sex is a sin.

    - I disagree with Bath Spa University’s decision to block research on transgender people who decide to de-transition, in case the results are “politically incorrect”.

    - I dislike the fact that bakeries owned by Christians have been successfully sued for refusing to create cakes with pro-homosexuality messages/images on them

    (Original post by RivalPlayer)
    People are fed up of the LGBT brigade's insistence that everyone must accept their reformation of thought and language.

    "It's just two people in love and what they do in private doesn't affect you."

    If only that were really true. This insidious lie (along with many others) has been peddled many times to gradually advance radical reality-denying ideas that aim to reform thought, language, and ultimately society. In LGBT land reality is a "social construct" created by the patriarchy and is therefore fair game for destruction.

    Today I read that the government have suggested that expectant mothers should be called "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women". Doubtless another corruption of language pushed forward by powerful forces that exist behind the scenes. Never mind the invariable loss of accuracy you get with these new "inclusive" politically correct terms - you shall use these terms or accept that you're a bigot.
    Well said
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