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    It all started off as a normal week, lesson after lesson and more pressure to start revising for GCSE's and mocks (which were coming 'soon')...... well that's what we all thought........

    Thursday - dinner time- My friend A and i were sat having lunch together when we remembered that my friend N's birthday had recently passed and we were yet to get a present for her. Being the total weirdos we are we went and asked N what she would like as a present. She replied 'a cat'. I looked at A and N and then we all began laughing about the possibilities of us bringing a cat into school and the consequences of it. But then suddenly our laughter was broken by A- 'ill bring you a cat in tomorrow'.I then began to laugh and reminded A that she would probably get suspended if anyone even heard about the ridiculous idea. N agreed with me and the matter was put to rest...........but not for A.This was the beginning of her plan to bring a cat into school which i only found out about at the end of school when she asked me to bring cat milk in!
    I didn't know how to react when she asked me. I couldn't believe what was about to happen.........

    Friday- 10 minutes before assembly and registration- I walked into school with the cat milk in a black bag in my hand. I don't know why but for some reason i just thought that A was joking and would never actually bring a cat into school. But then i saw my friend running up to me exclaiming that there was a cat in the bathroom. I immediately ran. Thrusting the bathroom door open and forcing myself through the crowd who were awaiting to see if this news was true. I walked into a cubical and was shocked to see A with a baby kitten in her hand. We both looked at each other and realised how much deep trouble we would be in if we got caught. I handed A the cat milk and walked out to sit in immediately. The feeling then settled in about how fast the news had spread. ALL OF THE STUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL NEW ABOUT HE CAT!!!
    After assembly i went to the bathroom to meet A where it was decided that everyone in the year 11 class would take it in turns to look after the kitten (who we named Goose) during class by making regular trips to the bathroom to check up on it.

    But this did not last very long.

    Friday-fourth lesson- We had just returned from P.E with the news that Goose (the kitten) had been left in the bathroom due to us having a lesson that was necessary for us to attend. Just a few minutes into the lesson the headteacher walked in and asked for A. We knew the fate that awaited her.A collective decision was then made to tell the teacher what we did and the whole class took the blame.Several minutes then passed and A walked in again. Goose was to be picked up by N's parents and A was to receive a suspension for 2 days......

    It was a very Catty day indeed.

    oh my gosh
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    (Original post by mez_merising)
    oh my gosh
    ikrrr and guess what theres even more to come:ashamed::ashamed:
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