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    I was wondering if I’d be at a severe disadvantage while applying for an American uni as I’d have to do the SAT test but I haven’t done maths as an A-level (year 12/13). Does the SAT test a level standard questions or will I be able to answer it off GCSE knowledge?

    I got AAAAABBBBC at GCSE and predicted AAA for a level in physics, geography and economics. What are my chances of getting into a top 15 uni in the US? I want to study economics
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    SAT Math is sub-GCSE level. Even GCSE level Maths is, realistically, beyond the scope required. HOWEVER the SAT questions (in general, but particularly for the Math section) are a very peculiar and specific format, which is very unlike UK exam questions (particularly for maths, again). I'd recommend finding some way to go over a lot of questions before the exam to familiarise yourself with the style - you often don't have time to full work out every problem so you need to practice your multiple choice technique to be able to reasonably get the answer without necessarily going through the entire question.

    It's a very stupid format to assess someones knowledge, since it doesn't, but it is what it is Beyond the SAT, you'll need to have realistically £40k+ per year to pay for tuition and room/board for your time there. Students are rarely allowed to live "off campus" (i.e. outside of student accommodation run by the university in question) for any reason, including financial, and as an international student your ability to work while studying will be severely limited. Unless you get into Harvard or similar, you aren't going to get almost any money - and for the record, Oxbridge are easier to get into than Harvard, by a considerable margin, since they care about your ability to actually do well in your specific given subject, not that you can do well in every single subject it offers, potentially. You'll need extensive, high level extracurricular activities across a variety of areas, as well as acing the SATs. Your GCSEs are a little low, in honesty, so you'll need to signifcantly counter balance that with ECs and SAT scores. They also prefer "long term" ECs which you've been doing over a number of years.

    The subject you wish to major in/study is irrelevant unless it's engineering. You don't normally enter a major until your second year (out of four), except usually if you wish to major in engineering you need to indicate as such so you can be put into a "pre-engineering" track once you start. This isn't relevant to you however, and the UK system means you'll realistically have covered the necessary background to go into any area at a top university including the engineering tracks as necessary. However be aware many colleges have foreign language requirements, and some require some extent of this to have been completed in high school (i.e. GCSE/A-level). Typically this is to complete a language to GCSE level or equivalent - many however allow you to satisfy this once you begin.

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