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when is the best time to revise for GCSEs??(2017-2018) watch

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    i am in year 11 right now and i honestly have know clue when to start revising for my exams in may/June some of my friends told me they would start in December holidays but i really am not so sure.When is the best time to revise for exams in may/june??


    It depends. If you are a fast learner then Easter as the person above suggested. However many people on YouTube who have gotten really good grades started straight after Christmas. My old school suggested March and I think that was a good idea since I started revising after Easter and my results were good but not what I expected. Also if u have a lot of content to learn then start earlier. You can always do an hours of each subject in the week if u don’t want to do full blown revision. It may help ease you in to revising if you hate revising.

    Do a little bit every day starting right now. Look at your subjects' specifications and divide the content by how much time you have left (e.g. say there's 150 topics in a subject, split over 6 months roughly equals 6 topics to revise per week). Plan how much you're going to study and when. The earlier you start the better off you'll be.

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    I would start now, basically start with the stuff you did last year.
    Divide each part into chunks that can be completed in an hour.
    And do 1-2 hours each weekend, obviously start ramping up the amount you do after Christmas & Easter.
    Trust me it will make your life easier, you won't have to cram as much during Easter, you'll have more of a life.

    Don't forget to do plenty of past exam questions too

    I think it depends on the subject:

    English Language - I started in January for the June exams. I was successful in going up one grade from a 7 to an 8 in the final exam.

    Maths - I've started already, as my teacher recommended this as the course builds on previous knowledge as you go through each class. I'm doing cheat sheets and mind maps as I go, and revising in spare moments like bus rides etc. I'm doing the GCSE next June. Early January I'm going to start on exam papers.

    We're on half term,but I want to get the index cards done for the last lot of classes.

    Revise now !!!!!! To succeed you should have already made all your perfect revision notes for all your subjects now and then all you have to do everyday is repetition and past alter questions Dw if you haven’t made all your notes you should have your school holidays coming soon so instead of wasting the holiday you should start making your perfect revisions notes
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    I'm also in year 11 and I'm revising now. Started mid-September for my mocks - got 4 9's, 2 8's, 1 7 and 2 6's so I guess it's paying off. You don't have to start now, just do what suits you best.
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