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People who say they prefer being busy watch

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    One of my biggest work place irritations are the humble-bragger busy bee wannabes. Whenever I would say there was too many customers (example) they would smugly respond that they prefer being busy. Here's why it annoys me:
    1. Usually its people who either skive or just do the easy/fun jobs.
    2. Colleagues I have worked with in the past who boast about being busy are thr first to get angry, cry etc when the pace picks up. Even worked with a guy who was always off sick over Christmas (retail).
    3. I hate the myth that being busy at work makes time go quick- not in my experience 😦.
    4. It's just the brown nosing and humble bragging I hate the most.

    Perhaps this is a bit random, but what do other people think of this? Or any other platitude humble brags that annoy you?

    People mean different things when they say they like to be busy. I like to be busy. Mostly what I mean is I don't wanna spend 6 hours a day in front of the TV/facebook doing nothing. I don't particularly enjoy very high pressure environments but I don't like having nothing at all to do. You can like to be busy while not wanting to do high stress jobs and preferring the 'fun' jobs.

    I much prefer being busy at work. It depends on the specific environment, obviously, but I honestly do find the time goes much faster when it's rammed rather than when there's nothing to do. Sundays are our busiest days, it's packed, there's always a waiting list and we're usually understaffed - my Sunday shift always goes much, much quicker than a shift of the same length but on a different day. I don't skive or do the "fun" jobs, either, I'm a very hard worker and everyone else at work can see that.
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