Crush on someone at work. Not sure if should tell him

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Over the past couple of months, I've developed a crush on someone at my workplace. He's an absolutely lovely guy and exactly the type that I would choose to date if given the chance.

We work in completely different departments at our workplace so our interaction is limited, but the times we have conversed have been great. He hasn't shown any clear 'signs' of interest, but we do get on well and I find him easy to talk to and a genuinely lovely guy and I've developed a thing for him.

I don't really like developing crushes though, because they nearly are always not reciprocated and cause me a lot of heartache and stress. I really think I would feel better if I confessed how I felt, but there are so many obstacles to this. a) The workplace situation, b) I handle rejection very badly as I'm so sensitive and b) We don't see much of each other as it is, so it's finding the right place to do it. I also don't really like the thought of confessing as I haven't had any completely clear-cut signs he could feel the same way, so I'm worried about making a complete fool of myself. I'm also concerned I could potentially get into trouble at work, especially if it makes him feel uncomfortable.

Any advice? Some people have told me I should try and let go of it, but then there's the regret of never knowing. Others have said I should just tell him, but it's knowing how to go about it that's difficult.
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How about you ask him if he wants to hang out one day outside of work. Just casually.

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