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    How do you start a blog which is entirely about you? About your achievements and mistakes. About your motivation and laziness. Just how?

    I have some of the most important exams in my life coming up and I'm here writing a blog on the Internet! My mocks are in February, shouldn't I be in that comfy leather chair with a pen in my hand and textbooks and papers scattered across my new desk in front of me?

    No, because it's not that simple. Everyone can't be Ruby Granger. Or even Eve Bennet (It's 10:47pm, would she even be revising at this time?). You also can't forget Unjaded Jade: the definition of 'perfect'.

    I have moved to a new school (comprehensive to grammar) and am failing my tests despite being in lower sets than I was in my old school. For science I was in set 2 but got moved down due to physics. (CURSE YOU PHYSICS). Triple science only had one class so technically I was still in set 2 just for double science. I'm not too disappointed for my physics exam in my new school because my first physics lesson was a revision lesson (I started 2 weeks into term!) and I think I did well for Chemistry and Biology. (I'll tell you the results soon!). For English, however, I just want to die.

    I was in set 1 english at my old school and am set 1 currently. We did an assessment and I thought I did really well. It's (un)funny because these were my results:

    Q1: 1/1
    Q2: 2/2
    Q3: 3/6
    Q4: 3/15

    Kill me. If that was AQA (exam board at my old school) I would have gotten more marks for Q4! I did Edexcel here and am so ashamed. These should not be the results of a set 1 student! At the start of the lesson my teacher said she was not worried for anyone in this class. Especially because she started teaching the language paper two weeks ago.

    It doesn't relax me because at my old school WE DID IT FOR A MONTH! I aced that end of year 9 exam at my old school. I earned a step 4. Now I'm just a disappointment.

    My English teacher is also my form tutor so on the first Monday back I'm going to ask her what went wrong. I already did ask her, though, but there wasn't enough time for her to be thorough because the bell had already rung and I had to go to biology. She said I was vague. She said something else, too, I can't remember. Most of the class were vague, she said to us, but still! We did a month of answering English lang questions at my old school so I shouldn't have been one of the 'vague' people. If you look at my paper, it's mostly orange (that's the coloured pen she marks with). Ugh...

    Another exam I'm disappointed with is my maths exam. I was in set 2 maths in my old school and am in set 3 in this new school. They were doing 2D shapes! WHY ARE THEY LEARNING THIS IN YEAR 10?! My old school were doing standard form which is what year 10s SHOULD be doing!

    I got 45% on that test. It was so embarrassing because the guy next to me who was also marking my paper had gotten 97% and had even let me change my answer on one of the questions because I muddled something up. The first question was about area, and it was worth 5 marks. If I just read it properly and if only the classroom was silent while I was taking the exam! (Yeah, it's not the best grammar school. It's just the students... The teaching is great.).

    We took the exam and marked it on different days. After I did the exam, my teacher had a quick look on the inside (I was the new girl, after all. She didn't want her classes average grade to fall) and muttered 'I'll have to be lenient with this one'.

    And that's how I knew I messed up.

    So since I have mocks approaching soon, I've decided I've got to work twice as hard for these exams. These exams will also determine whether I move down, up or stay in the same set for science. I'm in set 3 and if I move down I'll be forced to do double science not triple! Triple is one of the reasons I moved to this school!

    Also, Spanish. I had a 85 day streak on Duolingo before. I did that for fun. I'm taking Spanish at this new school. It's compulsory for the students but not for me. I've said numerous times I'll take it, though. I'm trying to complete that Ebacc thing. I'll obviously be doing foundation spanish so I'm going to try as hard as I can to get that step 5 (the highest you can get for foundation). It's a C at my new school.

    I have this desire to do higher Spanish even though I'm currently teaching myself year 7 work.


    I think it's at the end of year 10 when they decide what tier a student is doing. I have less than a year.

    I'm gonna work my ass off to:

    - Get that 7 in English
    - Stay in set 3 science and do triple trying to get a 7 in chemistry, biology and hopefully physics! (Like I said, teaching is great and if I work hard I could pull this off!).
    - Work hard in maths and push that crappy 45% to something much greater in my other exams. I'm currently taking tuition and we're learning surds. This tuition dude has given students As with his luscious Indian accent.
    - Improve A LOT in Spanish and end up doing higher!

    I want to open that brown envelope in the summer of 2019 only seeing 6s and 7s!

    I know my goals sound impossible but I believe they can truly be listed as 'achievements' of mine one day.

    Note: I know most people probably won't read this post due to the length but that's okay! This blog is for ME. It's the start of my journey.

    hey!! fellow y10 here! good luck with your journey, and how come you switched schools?

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