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Another one of them GYG things... watch

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    Yeah, me too.

    Ok so basically I'm going to start one of these Grow Your Grades threads. I'm doing this for two main overarching reasons:

    1.) It will be useful for me as I can have a rough idea of how much work I've actually done every week

    2.) It will be useful to some of you, because I know what a pain in the arse it is to motivate yourself. I can help with that

    So, the basics
    Name Carl
    A levels Physics Chemistry Biology
    Predicted Grades A*A*A*
    AS Grades Maths B , Chemistry A , Physics A, Biology A
    Course aiming for at university Medicine
    GCSE's 9A's 2B's
    UKCAT Avg 667.5 , SJT Band 1

    Ok, now you know where I'm at, allow me to just make some things clear about this blog/thread.

    1. I am **** at English, I mean like, it's bad, I take 3 sciences, wtf do you expect . So if these posts have some sloppy grammar, shame, deal with it.

    2. I am really not arty, there probably wont be pretty colours and stuff on this thread, mainly because I'm not sure how to get that on here. So once again, shame.

    3. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about either something related to a post or not. I really don't mind, I'll work hard to get back to you

    So that's it, its BMAT week at the moment for me (aka half term) so perhaps the next post will be about that.
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    good luck with your journey!! just wanted to know what inspired you to wanna do med?
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    (Original post by mez_merising)
    good luck with your journey!! just wanted to know what inspired you to wanna do med?

    Thanks for the well wishes, and I was mainly inspired by two things, first off to help people, in any way I can (I grew up wanting to be a police officer), then I reached secondary school and realised I loved science, so I looked at careers that allowed me to maximise both these two factors, and medicine stood out over everything.
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    Day 2 of this wonderful thread existing:

    So yeah, BMAT Time

    Here's an overview of what I've done so far today:
    1.5 hrs on a Section 1 Paper (done and marked)
    1 hr on a Section 2 Paper (done and marked)
    30 mins a Section 3 question (done)

    Buut, the grind ain't over yet, still gonna do some more papers, its currently 21:00.


    If your wondering what I got:
    Section 1 - 5.90
    Section 2 - 4.90 (work needs to be done lool)

    No idea on section 3

    I would also like to take the time to recommend Medify's new BMAT platform, its pretty decent.

    I would also like to take the time to reccomend:
    The music video for Bop N Keep it Dippin (Dizzie)
    The song Top Boy (Skepta)

    See you soon
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    Post incoming soon
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    TSR Support Team
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    (Original post by carlevanss)
    Post incoming soon
    Looking forward to it! Great journey so far

    How are you finding your subjects?
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    Guess who's back,

    me yeah cool.

    So, lot of stuff to go on about, so hold on...

    First off, the bad news, I got rejected from Imperial, but TBH I kinda knew that the moment I saw my BMAT result , no biggie tho, the rents were mad anyway

    The good news: I got a ****ing interview. Actually I have TWO ****ING MEDICAL INTERVIEWS OH MY GOD, I nearly fell of my chair when the emails came through, one at Barts and one at St Georges.

    So right now its ****ing go time, I'm ready, I'm on this ****, I revised 12 hours straight yesterday in the library, this is happening. I'm gonna get to medical school. Just gotta spend this week preparing for the interview next week.

    As always, message me if you want any advice or want to ask questions
    See you soon

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