Current girlfriend or go back to ex??

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I need your help on something that's been really confusing me over the past few weeks.

Long story (relatively) short, I was with my ex for 3.5 years before we split up a couple of months ago. I decided to end it as I was unhappy intimacy-wise (very different sex drives) and there was another woman who I was interested in by the end of my previous relationship. I love my ex as a person and we get on really really well, but it just felt like she was a roommate by the end because of how infrequently we were intimate. My ex has moved back home now and I miss her incredibly. My new girlfriend is amazing, we get on really well and the sex is fantastic. It's a LDR so a bit difficult sometimes, but that was the same with my ex before she moved here.

Basically I'm so so confused as to whether to give it a shot with my new girlfriend or go back to my ex, as she says that she knows the reason why we didn't have sex often and that it's something we can change. I think about my ex all the time, even when I'm with my new partner (which surely I wouldn't be doing if there wasn't something there?).

When we broke up, we were in a really intense environment abroad (working together all day and living together) for a few months, but now I'm back home where we used to live together and it doesn't seem right.

Please let me know what you guys think would be the right decision, or if you need further info.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long explanation!
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Hi, if you only split up with your long term ex a couple of months ago, I would suggest being careful with relationships as it is easy to jump between them in search of that connection. I think you need to have a very open conversation with both of the girls and be honest with them. If you miss your ex, and the situation would be able to be changed with regards to sex, then it might be worth another shot. But don’t mess around your new girlfriend because you’re unsure of yourself, so talk to her about it – it sounds like the only real reason you like your new girlfriend is because of the sex and that only goes so far!

Take care

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