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Teachers needs to sort themselves out watch

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    My maths class needs to be sorted.. And no stop trying to be agreeing with me and how your maths class was loud and chatty too, because due to this messed up school I’m going to, I’m used and can easily ignore the sound people are making throughout the lesson.. I mean it must be a gift or something because I can literally ask my friends if I can borrow their their whiteboard pen and hear their response very clearly even though they sit on the other side of the classroom and it sounds like concert in the classroom.
    However that’s not the point.. The point is that the people who are disturbing the class is aggressive, the class is basically a zoo.. the definition is a zoo.. there’s both violence and loudness..
    Let’s start with the basics, Some people decides it’s funny to make weird noises and start screaming when anything unusual happens.. and with unusual I mean like someone saying something wrong or the teacher turning around to write something on the board..
    At that point I’m okay with the class.. I mean I’m used to hear that almost everyday..
    But it gets soooo severe throughout the lesson.. they start throwing paper, water bottles, pens and even books.. It once got so severe that they started throwing stuff on the teacher.. which led to her CRYING in front of us for like 10 min.. and when I mean crying, I mean like watching someone die or find out someone died.. So the next day, the principal came in and started shouting so loud and punished everyone by making us stay after school for an hour, but even though he knew who made her cry, he still decided to punish everyone.. See here’s the problem, I don’t really care about other people’s behaviour unless it affects the teaching or ME..
    So back to the story.. the next day was like the best lesson ever, we learnt so much and all that, then the next lesson after that it was back to basics..throwing stuff around the classroom and having 15 different names on the bad list or whatever..

    People say the teacher has no effect about the class behaviour, but please tell me how in Maths it’s a nightmare, but with nearly everyone in my science class, it’s much calmer and more quiet
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    The students are testing the teacher. They know she can't control the class, so they're trying to see how far they can go. I've seen it at my school too, we've had teachers similar to this. You just have to keep complaining about the class and the teacher. She should be able to control the class,although I admit sometimes it is difficult.
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