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Learning To Be More Confident In My Ability : Year 10 GYG Watch

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    (Original post by troubletracking)
    Well done on your test results! For your first one of the year, these are great! Really good grades and still room to improve I'm dreading mine back ngl, already got maths back before half term and it was an absloute s h a m b l e s, so it's safe to say i'm not looking forward to getting my science papers back ahah
    thank you! i’ve had a positive start to the year - good grades and still room/time to improve - i also didn’t revise very much so it shows my potential if i was to revise!

    yeahh i thought i’d truly flunked my maths test so to do alright in it was a shock! got a lot of tests coming up so hopefully i won’t be too bad lol!

    i’m sure you’ve done okay
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    (Original post by CoffeeAndPolitics)
    Nice blog there!
    Love your blogs dude!

    (Original post by clouddbubbles)
    monday 30th october

    productive day at school today! Got some test results back too

    first lesson was english and we got our english language paper 1 mocks back! (aqa) i was managed to do a lot better than i expected to...
    Here's a breakdown of the results :

    overall mark : 66/80
    section a : 35/40
    section b : 31/40

    section a
    question 1 : 4/4
    question 2 : 8/8 (shocked to get full marks on this question!!!)
    question 3 : 5/8 (actually expected to do better on this question, but i accept the mark lol)
    question 4 : 18/20 (whatttt, i honestly thought i was writing a load of nonsense but turns out i almost got full marks on this!)

    section b
    question 5: 31/40
    content and organisation : 18/24
    spag : 13/16
    for my writing i did a descriptive piece about a bus journey, it was a bit abstract and i only had like 20 mins to write this so pretty pleased with the mark - should have got 16/16 for spag but i didnt have time to check through it at the end!!

    the percentage of this test is 83% - not too bad in my opinion as in the past i've got 50,60,70% and still got 9's. It will really depend what other people got but i'm incredibly pleased whatever grade i got as i wrote some pretty good answers!

    ahhh i hate maths, but no work today as we got our first termly tests back!

    i do aqa maths and the test was on around 7 units that we have covered in the first half term - it included algebra, number, angles and parallel lines, linear graphs, bearings etc.

    I'm in set 2 because last year my teacher was rubbish and taught us nothing, so i really struggled in top set.
    I sat the higher paper for this test (duhhh)

    my result was 35/50 which again is a solid result for my first test of the term!!!
    I lost most marks from areas i didn't revise at all so what i've learnt from this is definitely to revise everything because you don't know what will come up

    my teacher is really old and subsequently teaches a bit old fashioned...
    my school is catholic so re is a core subject (woooooooo)
    but we have gr8 banter in this class and today was funny apart from my awful cold!
    we were doing catholic beliefs about salvation and grace so had a bit of a class discussion and did some mindmaps but nothing more...

    we have our unit 1 test soon on beliefs and teachings so i need to start revising!!! Eeeeek...

    my teacher started off ranting at us for not completing checklists and revising but lol no (we have no tests to revise for just yet, let me revise when i actually have a test!) i'm top set triple so the lesson is at a really fast pace, didn't get much done so i have to catch up ugh (she gives us no time)
    anyways, i have some exam questions, research and mindmaps to do on heart diseases and problems! (actually like this thoooo)

    i lovvvveeeee spanish and i'd like to pursue it to a-level, our class is tiny and so nice and the lessons are so chill! Today we did more work on verbs and then wrote a piece about 'what we did in the holidays' classic looool

    mad day really - pleased with tests results so far! Now got to plan my revision for re, biology & physics, catch up my biology stuff and revise for a pe test tomorrow! Im not even sure if i'll be well enough because i have a cold and i've got really muffled hearing uhhhh - in year 8 i missed 3 weeks because i went deaf (hopefully this won't happen again ahah)

    see y'all soon - i've got a lot to do!:s
    adios; anya
    well done!!!!!!!!!!😂😂💗💗
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