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Male room attendant feeling awkward - help :-/ watch

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    So im a guy and ive just started a hotel Room Attendant job at a London 4* Hotel. I didn't realise that Room Attendants have managed to breed out the male gene from their numbers and have crafted a micro-civilisation modelled after the Valkyries i.e. im the only guy in a team of RA's numbering in the dozens.

    Now, I actually really like it, not for any seedy reasons but partially because I find it far easier to deal with female bosses. The ones I work with dont wield their authority, but simply wear it like a mantle. With male superiors there are all these ritualistic displays and invitations to compare widths and lengths. I am also quiet and make a huge effort to be as unassuming as I can so I dont end up attracting unwanted attention. I also genuinely like the atmosphere and the people - ive had some jobs which set my teeth on edge where I substituted caffeine for endogenous adrenaline but the atmosphere that they create has a sort of calming influence - compared to male dominated hierarchies it is very different and inspires me to explore matriarchal societies in contrast to patriarchal societies.

    I would really really appreciate it if you could suggest a) how to survive b) how to explain that im not a closet gimp or sex pest but that I needed a job desperately and this one on paper seemed ideal for me. c) how to ask whether a transfer might be possible to another department after say a month or two of good work.

    Overall, I feel rather awkward and silly and would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Hey, I say if you like it, then screw what anyone else thinks! You might get a bit of unwanted attention just because people are surprised to see a male working in that role (as you say, it's something that has become increasingly rare). It might be worth not being so quiet and seeing if that helps you feel more comfortable, just be yourself!

    You've also said that you enjoy the people and atmosphere of the job, so it sounds like you have a decent team that you're working with and are going to get good things out of this job!

    So (a) be unapologetically yourself
    (b) you shouldn't need to explain that you aren't a sex pest, I think (a) will help you there - just get into a conversation with your colleagues about why you took the job?
    (c) Just ask! The response will likely depend on whether they have any vacancies in different departments, but if you enjoy your job now then I don't see a reason for you to transfer (things might get easier the more you settle into the role!)

    Good luck and take care!
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