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    I'm one term into my chemistry A level and one of the first things we cover is the mole. I understand the basics like the mole is a unit (although this confuses me sometimes) and I understand that Molar mass=atomic mass=number of grams you need to have to get the avogadro's number of atoms. But then I started revising molecular and empirical formula. I understand what the both of these are but an example I read confused me. In the example it said the molecular formula of glucose is C6H12O6, and the empirical formula is CH2O which I understand. It then said "Glucose has 2 moles of hydrogen for every mole of carbon and oxygen". I get that there are two hydrogen atoms for every carbon and oxygen, I just don't, at all, understand why this means there are 2 moles of hydrogen? I would appreciate any help I can get in understanding this. Thank you!

    Well remember that the mole is just a number..
    The empirical formula tells you the ratio of the atoms in a molecule. In the case of CH2O it’s two hydrogen’s to every one carbon and oxygen.
    This means that if there were 4 hydrogen’s you’d have 2 oxygens and carbons.
    6 hydrogen’s would mean 3 carbons and oxygens.
    12X10^23 Hydrogen’s would mean 6X10^23 carbons and oxygens. Therefore you can see that 2 moles of hydrogens will be bonded to one mole of carbon and oxygen. Hope this explains it well🙂

    P.S one mole is 6X10^23 incase you didn’t know
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    Moles can take an effort to get your head round but it will click.
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