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Is reproductove cloning only when the nucleus of an embroyo is taken? Or is it also to do with bone marrow.
What's the difference between theraputic and reproductive cloning I'm really confused.
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Reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning both use a process called "Somatic cell nuclear transfer/transplant" (SCNT). A female gamete will be obtained and the genetic information will be removed and discarded of leaving an "empty" egg. A somatic cell (a cell of the human body) will then have it's genetic information extracted and inserted into the donor egg cell. The somatic cell will be "reprogrammed" by the host cell, and a mild electric shock will be used to stimulate cell division of the ovum containing the nucleus of the somatic cell. Eventually, mitosis will have led to an early stage embryo with an identical genetic makeup to that of the original organism from which the nucleus was obtained.

In reproductive cloning, this clone embryo could be implanted into the uterus of the host mother and could potentially be brought to full term.

In therapeutic cloning, the aim is not to produce another organism, but to obtain stem cells which are pluripotent - meaning they can develop into many kinds of cell. This process could be used in regenerative medicine, which could potentially treat diabetes, Alzheimer's etc.

I'm not sure what point you're making about bone marrow? But the bone marrow is a very rich source of adult stem cells. These adult stem cells will differentiate into erythrocytes (RBCs), leukocytes (WBCs) or platelets. This also has uses in medicine, with fewer ethical issues surrounding the use, and can be utilised to treat diseases such as leukaemia. Hope that helps a bit with the difference between the two.

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