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    I dont think the topics I am studying are elevant as all history topics take a similar learning style to master them. However, they are as follows: The American West, Warfare Through time, Nazi Germany and Anglo saxons with Norman conquest. When reading these textbooks(i'm doing the American west atm) it takes around 2 hours for all the information of 4 pages to stick in my head. The thing is all of these books combined is like 440 pages and all of the info on every single page has to be memorized. Yes i know that pics take up the pages and the sources are irrelavnt on some of the books but still. How is everyone coping with this? Please help.


    I'm also doing The American West and Anglo-Saxon and Norman England. We've just finished covering the Anglo-Saxon and Norman England topic and after the half-term, we'll be moving onto The American West. I don't feel it's necessary to memorise every single bit of information in these textbooks, considering each of the textbooks are around 120 pages long but rather the key points that are mentioned in the specification. But if you still wish to, the way I'd cope with it is by condensing each page into my own notes and bullet-points which I can then make flashcards or mind-maps from. These would also divide the information into clear and concise chunks which make it easier to memorise and allow for you to be tested by a peer or carer.

    I hope I've helped, if you have any other questions then feel free to ask!

    I've nearly finished American West and my teacher has done revision sheets on the government policies, cattle industry etc...
    If you write down the information and repeat it to your family then it stays in your head really easiy

    Hope this helps x

    I had different modules for History but I did Nazi Germany for my History GCSEs too. I did a timeline of how the Nazis gained power over the years using an A3 sheet with details, this method helped me a lot for my exams, hope this helps!
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    Thanks guys, but as a rule of thumb, how much do u condense your notes? Is it supposed to be like 3x less or something? I feel like it will be a challenge to make notes in history because all the info seems important. Contrary to OCR religiois studies where there is so much garbage and waffle that if u just shave them off, u have a set of notes. Roughly how long would it take me to make notes for all the topics of history if i started today and put in 1 hour 30 mins every day?
    And just 1 more question of thats okay-How do u guys find ur history lessons? I find mine boring as hell and just daydream. All my learning comes from studying at home but I want to be more focused in my lessons. Any tips?
    I am sorry for asking a lot of questions but i dont want to sit here being clueless
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