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    Just recently started the GyG competition, and thought that it seemed very interesting. so a little info about myself - i am a year 11 and will be doing my GCSE's this year. I am looking to go to college and then after, go on to study Medicine at University. having an older brother who has just graduated this june and is now a fully qualified doctor is really cool - it gives you someone to follow and look up to. i am studying the core subjects at school as well as triple science, ICT, Psychology, and Hospitality. i am looking to get all Grade 9's and all A*'s in my GCSE's which is my ambition - my brother was in the top 3 students who got the best GCSE results in the entire country in his year.
    so in terms of revision, if any of you guys need help, i can share some of my techniques to help you all. Basically, i don't do pretty revision which is good, if colours and crafty things help you remember info, but for me it just wastes time. I just sit in a quiet room, at a desk, open up my book, concentrate on one thing at a time and write this into my own words several times until i remember all of it. Also, i don't really have revision snacks as i feel as though this can distract you from doing work. i also don't listen to music as it is hard to repeat information with songs on in the background - you guys should definitely get into this habit, or at least try it out as when revising at home, you should try to replicate the conditions and environment in which you will be tested in. simply put, don't listen to music, as no music will be provided in the exam hall, don't eat as there will be no food in the exam hall, and revise at a desk instead of your bed, as there wont be a bed in the exam hall.
    basically, top 3 tips are study hard, past papers, and stay focused on what you want.
    first point - study hard. make sure you are using all of your time to improve your grades and revise the content, before you have done it in lesson - this will show your teachers that you rare revising tat home, and more importantly, you will be ahead of everyone else in your class.
    second point, past papers. this is an absolute necessity as it really gives you a first hand experience on what your actual test paper will be like - revise the hell out of these things. it will help you a lot more than you know. just think about it this way, if you have learnt the info, whats the point in not using your knowledge to apply the skills.
    and my last point - stay focused on what you want. i try to avoid the word motivation - don't get me wrong, being motivated is a great thing. but someone once told me that it is not about motivation - this comes and go's, its about a willingness inside you, that everyday when your tired, or when you keep failing, just keep trying. being naturally talented is nice, but its not impressive. whats impressive is those kids who are not academically clever, but when they faced adversity, they kept going. thats impressive. simply put, your input determines your output. if your willing to work at something everyday, devote all of your time, keep persisting, keep going, you will get there eventually. don't be scared to fail. if you fail, your doing something right. you will have to fail a million times, over and over again, before you succeed - this is what every successful person in the world did - they failed and struggled.
    Thanks guys,
“Yanny” or “Laurel”
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