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    I am doing biology,chemistry and maths I should have done physics,maths and further maths instead.I originally did further maths but dropped it as it was too much.As a result a physics or maths degree is out of the picture and it is too late now.I always wanted to be a doctor but reflecting on work experience in hospital I did not enjoy it that much.I still want to be a doctor but now as much as I used to now I feel like I would not mind doing a different job to be honest.I feel like the reality of being a doctor is not that great the main cause being the NHS itself as it is underfunded and underappreciated by the government.Doctors work long shifts and they are not paid what they deserve to be paid.I feel like they need a lot of doctors so they encourage people to do it but when it gets to applying to medical schools it is so oversubscribed you end up getting slapped in the face as not only are the requirements so high grade wise you need to amazing in so many other ways.

    I just don't know whether the rewarding nature of medicine is worth it if I am honest because the government does not respect its doctors, teachers, nurses and other important people.I will still pursue medicine but I don't love the profession as much as I used to.I have always been so proud of our NHS but seeing the way the government treats it makes me deeply saddened.I don't know what to do in the back of my head I would love to do a maths degree but it is too late and I don't want a science degree of any sort so I will have to do medicine I would not mind doing it as much but I don't feel such excitement towards the field of medicine as I once did.

    I remember going for hospital experience 30 minutes early so excited could not wait to get started and after my week at the hospital I still wanted to be a doctor but not as much as I once did.

    Alright. Remember there is a possibility to do a Fast Track A level which you could do on a Year out if you want which would allow you to take Physics if you so wish.

    A maths degree isn't going to necessarily require you to have further maths, some might, some want just do research on universities that don't require further maths and just ace your maths.

    If you don't like medicine in a hospital setting it is possible to take other routes in medicine, Research? or other fields of medicine.

    Just remember you have so many opportunities and just work hard towards your goals.
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