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I decided that this year i shall attempt to take part in the GYG competition, although no desire to win as this is more of motivation to get me through the most stressful and demanding year of my life so far, AKA GCSE's woo!!

If i am truly honest I did debate for a bit as to wether or not this is a good idea, simply because I don't want to put extra pressure on myself, especially in exam season which is coming up sadly. Saying this here I am writing about my thoughts of not doing it as I'm doing it😂

A bit of background info on me as I am sure you're ever so curious ahah:
- I got all 5s in my primary school SAT's which I think is considered good for that age (correct me if I'm wrong😂)
-I study English Language and Literature. Maths, History, Media, Art Photography, Business, Core and Additional Science, as well as ECDL but I don't think that counts as a gcse anymore.
-I have aspirations to study Medicine, wether I've set the bar too high, I don't know but at least if i have I know ill still fall well on my feet long as i study well ahah😂
-I suffer from daily chronic headaches and am still yet to be diagnosed although been under the care on the paediatricians and ophthalmologists since February so this does play a huge role for me as sometimes to even just move my head it causes a ridiculous amount of pain but annoyingly for me I'm someone that just gets on so I still go into school even if after 5 lessons not a single thing has gone in😂

Oh yes I seem to of forgotten to say that my names Emily, currently 15 but turning 16 on November 13th, sadly my first mocks start on my birthday (Maths and History) what a joke, buttt maybe I'll get lucky because its my birthday ahah.

Honestly i have no idea what else to say, I am awful at introductions😂 But I don't have any real plan as to what I'm going to do through these blogs, I know I shall blog when I study of course but if anyone wants me to do things such as study tips or how to revise certain subjects or anything really let me know😛
Also not quite sure how to end this,!hopefully I'll figure it out one day ahah xx
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Rooting for you :party2:

Keep me updated?:puppyeyes:

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