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    I've had insomnia for over 2 years now. I've tried everything from physical activities to herbal remedies and nothings working. If anyone can give me suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
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    I'm in the same boat, any advice would be appreciated.

    gonna be a long amd seemingly repetative answer but it worked for me and is a genuine technique endosed by therapists amd doctors etc.

    Before you go to sleep, sit on the edge of your bed and close your eyes. Tense ad clench all the muscles in your face and head and hold it for about 15 seconds, then slowly release and wait 15 seconds. Then tense and clench all the muscles in your neck and sholders for 15 seconds, then release and wait 15. Do this routine for your chest and upper arms, then lower arms and hands, then stomach, then groin and upper legs, then lower legs, and finally your feet.
    Then do this whole exercise on reverse oeder bak up your body, Do the whole process 2-4 times.
    The exercise releases melatonin (sleep hormone)
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    It depends on the 'type' of insomnia, you might not even have insomnia (say you are not getting 8 hours sleep and you only need 5 etc.)

    Do you struggle to fall asleep? (this might be simply you are an 'owl chronotype' trying to fall asleep before you are tired?

    Regular nightly awakenings?

    Do you wake really early (3/4am say) and cant fall asleep again? This might be anxiety/depression.

    my insomnia is really bad too
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    I've had insomnia for many years. Understand exactly how you feel. I sometimes listen to guided mediation or audio books which helps a bit. For me I've realised it's been because of other mental health problems I've been having and I get into negative cycles. Going camping with friends often helps.
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