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like the concept 2 rowing machine but not the price. advice? watch

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    (Original post by EwanWest)
    I've tried a few water ones, and they're just not as good both in terms of workout intensity & the analytic data they produce. Having a nearby rowing club does tend to depend on your proximity to a river which appears to be an issue here. You could try some erg based HIIT training in the morning before work if that fits around your medication? 2x4x500m would be a good start I imagine
    Yeah no rivers nearby.

    I was thinking HIIT. But what do you mean by the 2x4?
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    (Original post by angrypoliceman)
    maybe your washer shrunk the shirts
    clearly u weren't eating at a deficit if u didn't lose an inch off ur waist;which is what im tryna recommend
    u need to teach me how to gain if ur no longer fitting in shirts over a summer-that's a gift as far as im concerned
    but since the rower is the only way to try and avoid diabetes, $900 doesn't sound too bad
    All you need is atypical antipsychotics if you don't want your shirts to fit. You don't even need to eat more, you'll pile it on, buddy!

    That's what I was trying to figure out, whether there's a cheaper rower which is still as nice to use but I don't think there is. Really, I appreciate your advice, it's just something I tried and it didn't work out and I tried to explain why but tbh I don't really know why it didn't work. :/

    (Original post by Sabertooth)
    Yeah no rivers nearby.

    I was thinking HIIT. But what do you mean by the 2x4?
    2 sets of 4 reps of 500m. Probably rest of 2:00 between reps, 4:00 between sets
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    (Original post by Sabertooth)
    Are there any indoor rowing machines that feel like the Concept 2 but are cheaper?
    Available to buy over the internet in the US.

    Rambling you can read if you're bored:
    I used to be a member of a gym that had rowing machines with water in a tank then a handle attached to that and they were AWFUL to use so I definitely don't want anything similar to that. I wouldn't use it. My current gym has Concept 2 rowing machines and I love them. But by the time I've got home from work, eaten and digested dinner then driven to the gym it's kind of late then I'm too pumped to sleep after so I was thinking of investing in a rowing machine to use at home.

    Ideally I'd like to work out in the morning for 30 minutes or so, then another 40 minutes after work. I desperately need to lose weight (I'm BMI "obese" ) but don't live in an area where I can run outside. Also, I hate running. I have a spare room so storing the equipment wouldn't be a problem. I have hypothyroidism and take antipsychotics, both of which cause weight gain but I am determined to lose weight.

    I want to know whether there are alternatives which are as good and whether I'd be paying for the name?

    If anyone has any better ideas, I'd welcome them!
    Meh lost my reply.

    Theres a lot of bollox on this thread, but I agree with Cucumber .

    In my experience. I didnt mind the water rower (you hated it) as its smoother, but none of the mechanical ones are anywhere near the same action. Flimsier, poor meter and they just arent built as well. this is why virtually all gyms have Concept.

    They are expensive because:

    1. Built to last, better quality and more reliable..
    2. Because of 1, then they keep their price well.

    Look on ebay for 2nd hand and scan prices plus what version it is. Also ask how many metres its done. the older ones with Pm3 monitors and the wooden handle are fine if you need cheaper. You need to assess the owner and how much use its had though. the monitor suggests how many metres its done.

    I find tv very distracting, but music is fine or radio at a push if you are going casual.

    You can pick a lot of good information up from the concept forums.

    Concept 2 is one of the best rowing machines, that's why its price is high.but there is lots of good rowing machine in the local market.Here are some good reviews of Best Rowing Machines 2018.You can learn more about rowing machine from here.you should increase your cardio exercise time, you should do 30-45 min cardio if you wanna lose fat early.
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