Feeling overwhelmed by A-Level German

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I got an A* at GCSE and I've also taken French at A-Level because I absolutely love languages. I love learning French more though, and have far more experience with France on the whole (to be honest I'm a Francophile), so I struggle to truly enjoy learning German. Since the start of Y12, I've been finding Germany much harder than French, due to the sheer amount of grammar to learn, the harder vocab (half of which literally sounds the same) and just all the grammatical rules that are mandatory (cases WTF?!). I feel like it will never be up to the same standard as my French- I spent an hour translating a tiny paragraph today which would most likely have taken me about ten minutes in French! I would like to study both languages university but I feel like my confidence with German is slowly dwindling. I'm performing well in tests we're doing at the moment, getting A/A*s in grammar, vocab and R+L, but then when it boils down to speaking German I usually either totally screw up or don't speak at all because I find the grammar so hard. Do any A-Level German linguists have any tips on making the transition easier and any good study guides to recommend?
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not an A-Level German linguist, but I kinda remember absolutely hating the transition from GCSE to AS spanish 2 years back. Like you I did well in GCSE (a*) but the jump in terms of grammar etc and the new, more in depth emphasis on spontaneous talking (I was used to memorization and regurgitating whole paragraphs) was daunting. Ultimately as time went on I felt increasingly confident and my enjoyment for it came back.

you're in a weird position where you're taking 2 languages at the same time. Chances are you will enjoy one more than the other/be better at one over the other, but, just focus on the one you're weaker on more. I always found in studies, enjoyment stemmed from understanding the subject and by being good at it. Once you begin to feel more and more confident whilst attaining high grades, you'll probably enjoy it.

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