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    (Original post by namelessfeelsx)
    You’re welcome and I wish you the best of luck! x and I got higher grades than what I and the school expected and I am really happy with my results. Hope the same thing happens to you too 😊
    Really really hope so 💓
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    (Original post by SAHANYA)
    No dear I'm doing my A-levels. I'm really happy cause you will work hard. Although you don't have a dream you might have a target. First win that target. Wish you all the best my dear friend.
    Yup yup yup. Thank you 💓
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    (Original post by boystudy)
    Trust me, I’m like one of the laziest people ever, I seriously have done no work since half term started and I have exams coming up a few weeks after it ends..
    Idk why, but I feel like you haven’t revised much and that revising all subjects now will give you an average of C or D.. I’d just recommend you to revise Maths most of all, cause almost all jobs checks your Maths score..
    And also make sure you at least get a C+ or a B for Science as it will look good..
    I’d say you shouldn’t be worried about other subjects, because you can improve them when doing your A-Levels, but still have a go on revising them, but still revise Maths & Science
    Wow you might be younger than me but yet so motivated and inspiring to me. Yahh I haven't revised much and that I will get low grades like C+ or Bs. Yuppp I am actually focusing on maths and science more. Also, u see I moved my school last year in year 10. So, my new school does sets where 6 is the lowest set and 1 the highest. Just because I was new and they didn't look at how I was doing in my previous school they put me in lower sets for every subject (that's why I hate this school and my old school didn't do sets). So when if comes to revising e.g. Science I go on past papers (higher) but then I think about that they will give me foundation gcse anyways then I start thinking about that and I leave the "revision zone" and End up thinking about my future. I struggle sooo muchhh i always get headaches after school and my legs hurttt and I am always TIREDDDDDDD. So I end up sleeping and don't revise at all. I find school so hard it never used to be like that but idekkk wht happened to me during them 2 years. Therefore, that's why I need motivation and stuff. I wrote a lot lol.

    P.s ( this is like my 4th time writing this long ass paragraph cuz idk they dissapeared and I wanted u to know since I find u kinda interesting and helpful. I really hope this doesn't disappear)
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