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    I spent my teenage years playing video games, avoiding potential friends and parties and hoping that if I study hard and get a good job I'll find a girl who loves me for things other than looks.

    I've grown up handsome and done some (fairly insignificant) modelling.

    I say I'm average looking. I don't use social media and I don't compare my body to other people's bodies. I just accept I am me and everyone has their own "standards". I dont advocate people get plastic surgery nor do I plan to get myself but if it will boost your confidence, and make you happy you should consider it.

    Also beauty is in the eyes of the beholder "they" say. Some people find you cute and some may not. Confidence and personality can make a big difference!
    You should try working on building some confidence. From what i heard confidence is accepting your flaws and being comfortable in your skin. Good luck.

    (Original post by JDieMstr)
    Welp, if this was me from a year back, I'd be pissed but now lmfao you got me man ahahaha....
    What I really do is resort to hard drugs.

    (Original post by GeorgeMillerr)
    I just don't care, I have better things to care about like my grades
    This having 8 reps is the most TSR thing to ever TSR
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    i am blessed and lucky to be really handsome. lots of girls keep saying it aswell lol.

    and plus i do care about my studies and i work very hard to get good grades...just saying

    i am very sorry if this makes anyone upset...i feel sad reading stuff like this but its not like i cud do anything to help.

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    (Original post by Heyok)
    I would rather be intelligent than beautiful.
    who says u cant be both hahaha

    Honestly this generation is run by how we look there’s always going to be the Instagram models who are ‘perfection’ but ugly is not a option everyone is beautiful in their own way looking at someone and thinking they look better than us is honestly the worst thing you can do to yourself you need to stay positive because in the end personality beats looks.
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