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Do any other lonely or isolated people have weird childish habits? watch

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    I'm 16 and I'm really lonely and isolated and have nobody to talk to in my life that understands or cares how I feel. I've never had a boyfriend, I kind of have "mates" but they hardly talk to me and it doesn't feel like they care about me, so I don't know if I can call them my mates anymore. If I try to tell my mum what's making me upset she just shouts at me. I'm really isolated and rarely leave my house either because there's no point. (I'm trying to get help for this by the way) so I just have to pretend that I'm okay.

    I have things that I do to make me feel less lonely, but not what a normal 16 year old does. People my age usually drink or do drugs when they're lonely or isolated but I just do childish weird things that a ****ing 4 year old would do.

    These are really embarrassing for somebody my age so please don't be rude..... first thing I do is play with play doh literally all day.

    I also watch old kids and Disney films from when I was little over and over again just to bring back happy memories. I literally made my mum watch nemo with me like 3 times in one week once and she wasn't bloody impressed.

    I also make tiny clay models of animals and then paint them because I think it would be a good job in the future but they look rubbish and nobody would probably buy them.

    This one is the cringiest and most embarrassing for someone that's 16 but I play a game called Nintendogs and cats on my ds all day.....I was literally on it from 1 pm (when I WOKE UP) till 4 in the morning the other day. (if I had a real dog or cat I obviously wouldn't do this but hey ho)

    I also had sea monkeys a few months ago (basically tiny pet shrimp things that you grow in water and look after) and I used to sit for hours and just watch them swimming and it would literally make me forget all my problems. and when they all died I literally cried my eyes out because I like loved them.

    I feel like a 5 year old trapped in a 16 year olds body, I've kind of always had these weird habits. They don't stay the same, they change but whenever I start doing something it's usually something weird and babyish. When I was younger I used to play really cringey horse games on my laptop and I told EVERYONE in my school and got bullied for it, so now I don't tell anyone about anything I do that 5 year olds do, because I'd rather not get bullied again thank u very much.

    I feel happy when I do these weird things but I also feel ashamed and embarrassed because if anyone my age finds out everyone will know I'm weird.

    Most 16 year olds are going out to seshs till 3 in the morning and getting drunk and having sex and even getting jobs and their own flat.....and tbh I want to do all that (probably won't be able to have sex thought because I'm too ugly to do that)

    So those are all the weird things I do to make me feel less lonely.....So am I the only one who does all these weird things? Do I need to see my GP? or do other people who are lonely or isolated do strange or childish things too, and if so what is it? I won't judge if you do, but please don't be mean or rude thanks
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    Doing what makes you happy is not a bad thing
    As long as as it is not harmful/illegal
    Everyone reminisces to happy childhood times sometimes
    The danger is that you’re probably spending a little too much time in the past
    You’re at an age that can be confusing. Half child half adult. Many people find it difficult
    If you are not depressed or unhappy I wouldn’t suggest your gp
    What you should do is get out there and do the things you enjoy with other people
    How about a class where you can develop your crafting skills?
    There will be loads of things out there if you look for them
    Be happy. Good luck
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