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    Hello!, I will be sitting for ELAT this year, actually in 5 days. And yes, I'am a nervous wreck and I wanted to clear few doubts. So here they are;1. I realised that there are ELAT prep courses available which provides tutoring,workbooks and all kinds of support but I'm an international student and don't really have access to those prep courses. The resources I have are past papers to try out and feedbacks from my English teachers. (I'm an IB student so I do have experience in writing timed essays, literary commentaries and other such).So will it work as a disadvantage that I was not able to attend special coaching for ELAT?2. Also since there are other components that contribute towards getting called for an interview, I wanted to know how much weightage does ELAT carry?3. Any last minutes advices? or prep ideas? Finally some do's and don'ts while writing the essay?
    Thank you!

    Hello! Hope you are well. Fellow English applicant here

    With regards to the ELAT prep courses I wouldn't worry too much! They are completely unnecessary and quite frankly just a way to make money out of anxious applicants. We English students have been making thoughtful, perceptive comments about literature throughout all our studies - we don't need some fancy course . I think doing past papers are the best way to prepare for the ELAT - it gives you a feel for the timing and the question structure which is always good.

    I'm not necessarily sure about what weight it carries but I remember trawling around some threads on here from English applicants post-offer/rejection. From my memory, some people with scores as high as 54 were rejected and some people with scores as low as 45 were accepted. The general consensus was that the ELAT matters in terms of getting you an interview but after that doesn't matter as much. This is pretty much just anecdotal evidence with a bit of speculation but I think the scores show that once you've sat the test it's best not worry about it.

    My idea for last minute prep would be not to stress yourself out too much! Try simple tasks like annotating some unseen poetry/prose from the internet to practice picking out interesting things or even just going over the past papers you have done and picking out the sentences that you thought were particularly good. It's always good to remind yourself of your abilities!

    My personal Do's and Dont's would be:

    - Do remember to take some time to plan your answer before you start writing!
    - Do read through the pieces you have chosen to write about at least twice to make sure you understand it and don't miss anything important.
    - Don't try to write too many points. It is better to have only 3 detailed points than 4 quick ones.
    - Do remember to think about structure and grammar as well as language!
    - Do remember to do an introduction & conclusion, and to leave 5 minutes at the end to read over your answer and check for spelling/grammatical mistakes.

    Best of luck!

    EDIT: Here is the ELAT mark scheme if you haven't seen it already. It might be useful to have a look at it: http://www.admissionstestingservice....g-criteria.pdf
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    Thanks a lot for the tips, I'm feeling a bit more confident after this I guess. And also good luck!!! =D
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