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I just did an LNAT essay, under 40 mins. Its 740 words. Any feedback would be appreciated! My test is next week

“Developed countries have a higher obligation to tackle climate change than developing countries” Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement.

Climate change is increasingly becoming a concern to many, as it endangers the homes of many species and tarnishes the earth that should be cherished. The root cause of this is countries polluting, and action needs to be taken. It is blatant that developed countries, that are largely successful in economic and political schemes of life, should be taking more responsibility than developing countries, that are still paving their way to success. We can determine this by looking at who causes the problem largely, who can afford to take responsibility and who can successfully do so.

It is obvious that a developed country should take more of an obligation to tackle climate change, as they create the most pollution. The industrialization that developed countries have seen over the last centuries or so has not only allowed them to become developed countries in the first place, but has vastly increased the pollution they release into the atmosphere. Factories, vehicles and other “prizes” of developed countries are what cause the problem the most, so it is only right that they repair their own damages. Why should we expect other countries to clean up the mess of a different county? It doesn’t work like that. Developing countries do not pollute as much as they do not have the resources and advanced technology that would make it, and not a large enough population using cars or machinery. It is a moral obligation for developed countries to tackle climate change. However, it is a global responsibility to look after the world. If each country was to their own in this, there would be no recognition of the fundamental problems of pollution and climate change; just cleaning the mess is not the end of the problem, we need to work towards improving our environmental standards, not just removing the current problem. A developed country was once developing, and if we take responsibility from the beginning, it would have huge successes for climate change.

Talking of global responsibility, we can argue that it is inexcusable for any country, no matter how developed it is, to not feel an obligation to tackle climate change. Countries can all do their bit to help this issue, as climate change will affect all countries, it won’t pick and choose who it affects based on whoever is polluting the most. More crucially, climate change can’t be solved just by developing countries. If we assume developed countries tackle climate change by reducing their industrial production, what’s not to say that less developing countries will increase their industrial production and make a profit out of the fact that they have less of an obligation to tackle climate change? Sadly, the world is not as morally driven as we’d want it to be, so we must force countries to take on an obligation and make them realise that it benefits them. Nonetheless, we must consider finances. It is an expensive task to tackle climate change, and it can have a detrimental affect on the economy of developing countries. This would hint that developed countries should take more of an obligation, in terms of the finances and providing resources, as they are more able. However, money is not the only solution to climate change, trade pollution permits could be created by the government, awareness campaigns and penalties could be installed instead. We can’t all look towards the money giants for help, there are always alternatives.

Most importantly, I believe firmly that developed countries should take a higher obligation, as they do have the ability to do so. They have the finance, resources, technology, and population to do so. Developed countries should act as a role model to the developing ones as only then can they follow the path they create. Small steps created by developing countries will be nothing compared to even one step created by a developed country. It is ironic that developed countries show off their economy and technology in their industries, policies etc., but why not show off your environmental obligation. It is vital to take pride in the earth upon which you thrive.

Overall, I feel that developed countries have a higher obligation, but not all the obligation, to tackle climate change. It is a global responsibility, but we must admit that finances, causation and power must be considered.

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