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How can I ever be wanted sexually? watch


    [QUOTE=RockyDennis;74321410]BMI is a complete farce... Only body fat % matters. You can be obese and weigh very little like in sarcopenic obesity. Or you can be very low body fat and have a massive BMI if you're really muscular.[/QUOTE

    I know you'd say that, I didn't mention BMI, although it is easier to put on weight and it be more noticeable when you're shorter like OP

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm 32A and small 5"1 and 18 years of age.

    There's more to a relationship than just personality and that's a given. I just feel like I'd fall on this side of it.

    I just hate my breast sizes and would want them to be at least one or two cups bigger
    Depends what your face is like I know loads of men that like shorter thinner girls.
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    (Original post by Profesh)
    A large olfactory apparatus, while perhaps not in accord with more conventional (read: European) notions of beauty, is by no means inherently unaesthetic: my first girlfriend's distinctive, broad nose was—in my view—what elevated her from merely attractive, to quintessentially gorgeous.

    Edit: Similar to this in shape, if a little wider; but it suited her perfectly.
    You must be in the minority. My big nose just stands out and makes everything else look ridiculous. Nor is it often you see models/celebrities with big noses.

    And no I really dont like her nose. Mine is similar but the bone at the start of the nose is quite big so it's that same size all the way through but it's not flared.

    (Original post by SMEGGGY)
    Save up for tit enlargement

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    Dead lol
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    (Original post by gunterbooty)
    I had the exact same thing, my nan and mum used to tease me about being flat chested and how I didn't have their genes, it was because I was so skinny that I hadn't developed them yet.

    I think gaining weight will give you a much bigger bust, probably the same size as your mother's. It doesn't mean you have to get really fat, you can gain weight and still have a small tummy/legs e.t.c

    Looking at your mother's body is actually a really good way to predict how you will look when you're older (shape wise)

    I used to have no curves too, like a boy, but when I gained a bit of weight I realised I did have curves but because my body had no fat, they weren't visible.

    Every guy I've ever spoken to or been with has never made a big deal over my breasts, they're larger now, and my current partner has even said he doesn't care about what size boobs are.

    I get the impression that having a larger chest will not solve your confidence issues, girls are so insecure about their bodies at your age, you'll find as you get older you'll become a lot happier with how you look and that confidence is really attractive to men.

    Look at supermodels, considered the most attractive women in the world, and 99% of them don't have boobs
    How old were you then? I just feel like it's too late for any more developing to be happening

    How were you able to increase weight so easily? What kinds of food were you eating? I do think it's a lack of my weight too which has stunted it as breasts are literally just fat and it's not like I have much.

    Well, the way I think of it I'd want to please them initmately and if I don't have breasts then I just feel like I can't.
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    (Original post by Retired_Messiah)
    You were the only gay dude with anime profile pics I could think of off hand, it's not that deep.
    Apologies it was Ciel I think who also had an anime profile pic.

    Tits don't matter that much, literally all you can do with them is put them in your mouth and squeeze them, that doesn't determine whether a relationship can occur (and if a guy does think that those bags of sand do determine whether he'll date you, then he's scum and belongs in the Siberian wilderness). My friend has been dating this girl for ages, like 8 months or so and they're really happy and she doesn't exactly have DDs ifyaknowwhatimsayin.

    Look, you have it all to come ahead of you...

    And you have got plenty of time, absolutely no hurry, why the rush?

    My best advise:.learn to love yourself first, I know it's a clich'e but it's so so true, your 18 for heavens sake, just 18 forget about what you think men may or may not desire, think about what you enjoy doing. What interests you, what hobbies you like, get to know more people, make friends, have a bit of fun, just forget everything else, don't chase sexual lust, it's really not important.

    Trust me, at 18 most men are a disappointment anyway and I should know! So don't chase it - far far better things out there believe me than sex.

    And I can tell you something else, there will be loads of people out there that would swop with you for where you are now and what you have in a heartbeat. Your young, healthy, with years ahead for you to explore. I can't stress enough, there is no hurry here so don't be so hard on yourself!

    In time, you will find someone who really desires you, for being you and I can tell you that's worth 100 lots of quick lust filled moments for sure!

    So, in the meantime, pick yourself up, get positive, don't dwell on what you think you may or may not have, focus on your positives, what you have got and the world is yours,

    go girl......
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