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    I have a few...

    I think the two worst were:

    1. A couple who only moved in for a summer, they were seriously gross and rarely cleaned anything (we're talking pans literally full of mould being brought out from their room when they decided to eventually clean them). They had an...interesting...relationship - girl used to literally walk around all day in her underwear, all round the flat, she'd answer the door in her underwear etc but would moan constantly that he BF brought friends round and they saw her knickers... lots of very loud sex. Then they smashed a glass in a sink full on water and when they attempted to 'clear it up' just picked out a couple of big shards and chucked them loose into the bin and decided that was job done. So I came back and decided to take the bin out, huge shard of glass swings round and slices through my leg. I had to get stitches and a tetanus jab. Came home from the hospital and reached into the sink to pull the plug on the dirty water and slice my wrist on the broken glass still left under 3 inches of murky water. Nearly had to go back to the damn hospital.

    2. Lived with a girl who was genuinely crazy. She didn't like cleaning or cooking so her boyfriend would clean the flat when he visited... sometimes that was weekly but sometimes it would be a few weeks and her washing up would just sit there and wait. There were literally piles of plates in her room all the time. Every time he visited they would commandeer the kitchen for a whole day so he could make various meals for her to freeze (and always piles of cakes too). However she decided I wasn't clean enough and started making complaints to the building manager... literally if I took a couple of hours to wash up she would take a photo and send it. If there was anything on the floor or anywhere was dirty she'd take pictures and email them to the manager and say it was me (there were 5 people in the flat so it usually wasn't me...). She labelled her own rubbish bin cos she said no one else ever took them out and would carefully pick out anyone else's rubbish whcih got into 'her' bin. Eventually the building manager came by to 'investigate' because apprarently the fridge was full of my mouldy food and was also confused because, surprise surprise there was no mouldy food. She then decided I was doing a PGCE (which I wasn't) and 'reported' me to some teaching standards body for not doing my washing up (no joke, she actually did) and when I told her I wasn't a teacher she lost it and started screaming at me that I was and why was I lying. Absolutely batshit.

    (Original post by chelseadagg3r)
    I'm sure most of us have had some gross, annoying, or downright bizarre flatmates. Perhaps you were one?

    Tell us about them!
    The guy that n.e.v.e.r showers and n.e.v.e.r. washes his clothes and n.e.v.e.r washes up and NEVER buys his own food. Just steals all our food instead without asking and doesnt pay us back

    I had a flatmate in my 2nd year who was in her final year (the rest of us knew each other we were on the same course) and you could tell she was a loner and didn't speak, which is fine in the beginning we tried including her asking her to chill in kitchen with us have drinks with us and that but she would just ignore us and stay in her room. She would also moan and make a fuss if we asked her to take out the bin or clean her dishes.
    It finally kicked off once when she wrote a passive aggressive note moaning that someone had used her oven tray (pretty much everyone's looked the same, how could we tell) and kicking off cos the toaster was plugged in... what?? This lead to lots of tension and arguments with her and when we would try talking to her about her note she just ignored us. We felt bad that she was on her own all the time, but what can you do when someone purposely ignores you even when you try and include them.

    In my flatmates I was living with a few lads, they were really nice lads but horribly messy. Walked into the kitchen one morning and there were beer bottles with cigs in them and actual cake smeared across the walls, counters windows etc. I just walked in NOPED and went straight back to my room.


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