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I am looking for a group of serious students that are willing to help me outline the biology syllabus. (For the new specification so only year 12)
"outline the need for communication systems within multicellular organisms, with reference to the need to respond to changes in the internal and external environment and to co-ordinate the activities of different organs;

All organisms need to maintain a set of conditions (for enzymes) such as:
an aqueous environment
no toxins or inhibitors
The environment around us is extremely dynamic hence our body needs a way of communication in order to maintain the requirements listed above.
This is the Stimulus -> Response cycle. Where a stimulus such as temperature causes a response such as the arctic fox's changing coat colour.
In order to control the environment of cells there is almost always a protective layer of cells surrounding the tissue such as epithelial tissue in animals. The tissue is also usually soaked in tissue fluid which forms the environment around the cell.
Respiring cells release CO₂ which causes the tissue fluid to become more acidic which can cause enzymes to denature hence animals have receptors which detect change in pH as a stimuli which causes a response such as an increased breathing rate.
Tissue fluid is mainly composed of blood which transports substances to and from cells and prevents accumulation of toxins.
Multicellular organisms are far more efficient when compared to single cell organisms as cells can differentiate and specialise to make tissues and organisms however this means a cell responsible for the stimuli and a cell responsible for response to a stimuli can be very far away. Hence the need for an effective cell signalling solution.
A good solution will:
cover the whole body
allow for both specific & rapid cell communication.
allow for long & short term response"
Also add some images related to the question and also remember to site sources.
Maybe per every syllabus bullet point do some past paper questions to revise later on.
We would share email accounts and update the syllabus notes together.
If interest in joining PM me or post a comment and I will.
Let's get an A* together !!!
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I did the new spec last year (first group to do it) and I have to say this is a great idea. I created my own revision booklet (132 pages long!) and it helped me out massively. My advice is please keep at this and finish it. It will be so useful in year 13.
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I got an A* in the new spec OCR Biology this year. Pm me if you want any help

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