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Aldi customer assistant triggered my body dysmorphia/anxiety disorder watch

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    I am a 2nd year mature male student at University far away from home, and social anxiety/body dysmorphia is big reason why I left Uni so late.

    I started doing my food shopping at Aldi during my 1st year to save money, but always noticed a shop assistant giving me a funny look, it made going to the store more difficult for me as I was paranoid he was judging me, and shopping gives me anxiety anyway. Last week I saw him again and just smiled as I walked past him, and then asked him where the eggs are; he mumbled something to me and I didn't hear, so I said sorry I didn't hear and he then said are you such and such a person, I look like someone he went to school with, I said no and left. At first I was relieved as it made sense why he looked at funny each time he saw me, but out of curiosity I searched the name of the person he said on facebook and found the guy he thought I looked like; it's an unusual name and he is a similar age as me from the town of the shop worker, so it is definitely him, but without sounding really horrible, the guy is overweight and unattractive. I don't consider myself attractive, but I thought I didn't look like him and now it's bought back my anxiety and body dysmorphia to the point I don't want to go out and speak to people, and caused me to be preoccupied with my appearance again.

    I feel so stuck as I need to do so much involving other people, and still do my shopping at Aldi, but what was general anxiety I could cope with has turned back into the intense social anxiety which I thought I would never have to put up with again, I don't know how to overcome this :-(

    I will pray for you sir. Jesus will get you out.

    On the surface of it, you are massively overthinking this Aldi incident, most people would just laugh and think no more of it (thats even if they tried finding this person on FB!)

    Social anxiety is horrible and I've been there. One of the main reasons for it is fear of being judged. It took me until my 30s to realise that, actually very few people if any are judging you! Most people are too preoccupied with their own lives to cast dispersions on others! Or putting others on a pedestal. See others as equals!

    I would seek help (GP, student counselling) if this is affecting you, which it sounds like it is!

    Get help, you have a problem.
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