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    Hello!Welcome to my first ever GYG blog.

    Hello (again), I'm Lily and I'm currently in my third year at college, redoing my A2s and taking a BTEC certificate course.

    The last few years of my educational life have not been easy, mainly due to mental health issues. I won't go into more detail than that, but my goals for this year might be a little different to what you'd expect from a GYG blog.

    I’ve been creeping on TSR for a long time, but have only now discovered GYG. I’ve been (sort of) blogging about my educational life for a while over on tumblr so hopefully, that’ll help me to do this in an aestheticTM way.

    The Goals

    My goals for this year aren’t that big or ambitious, but I hope that doesn’t make this journey any less important.

    My main goal is to not drop out of college, or be asked to leave – that means working on attendance, impulsive decisions to leave, and my general mental health.

    My second goal is to apply for university and not withdraw - I also need to get the grades if I want to be successful at that. My predicted grades have already suffered because of last year’s results, so something really needs to change if I want to hit them.

    Another goal I have is to want the above goals. I want to want to stay at college. I want to want to go to university. Things are sort of day by day at the moment, so I need to learn to look forward and be okay about that. I need to be okay with having a future and all the changes and scary things that come with it.

    2018 Predicted Grades

    OCR Geology - B

    Edexcel Maths - C

    Applied Science BTEC - idk my teacher said he’d do it but he never did so it’s a mystery

    2017 A Level Results (Predicted Grades)

    Geology - D (B)

    Maths - E (B)

    Psychology – C (B)

    2016 AS Results

    Geology – C

    Maths - D


    English Literature - B

    English Language - A

    Science - A

    Applied Science - A

    Maths - A

    Further Maths - A

    Geography - B

    IT - A

    History - A

    RE - A
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    Update 01 – 28/10/17


    So, half term is almost over. I’m feeling okay about what I’ve done over the last week. I’ve managed to do something almost every day, which is quite an achievement in my book of lacking achievements.

    I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday, so today has sort of felt like a bonus. I think gaining an extra day is a new high for my procrastination abilities. Maybe it’s time for a promotion.

    I’ve tried to make the most of today by catching up on some things (stranger things included). I’m a bit behind in a couple of my classes, so today has mostly been note taking and homework. I’m also planning to do some more on my UCAS application and hopefully maybe possibly actually add some choices to it. I’m still not so sure that university is where I want to be next year, so adding choices is a little dauting at the moment.

    I didn’t want my first update to be purely words, so I made a little time lapse to give you something to look at. Unfortunately, uploading said time lapse is more difficult than anticipated and so I’m going to have to let that one go. Instead, you get a picture of my cat. His name is Colonel McFluffikins and he is the worst.

    P.S. I hope you're doing okay and you haven't completely given up on whatever it is you're doing. Have a good weekend and do something cool. For those of you going back to school/college on next week, good luck! You got this! For people not going back to school/college, good luck! You got this!

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    • differentiation notes ✔
    • core 3 revision paper
    • learn trig identities again ✔

    • brachiopod/bivalve revision ✔
    • coral revision ✔
    • homework 3 ✔

    • Flashcards for definitions ✔
    • Make summaries
    • Research unit 2 ✔

    This is great, definitely going to be following your GYG!! Btw ur cat is sooooo cute <3
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    Update 02 – 29/10/17

    It’s actually Sunday this time, so it’s time for another post!

    I didn’t have a good night last night so didn’t end up getting to bed until around 2, which meant I woke up later than I wanted to. I got up reasonably early to feed the animals, but accidently maybe purposely got back into bed afterwards.

    I don’t have much on my to-do list today. I figured I would relax a bit and psych myself up for college tomorrow. It’s 4pm now and I’ve done some chemistry notes for applied science and done a bit of research on the assignment I’m meant to get when I go back. I’ve never actually written an assignment, so I’m a little worried about how it’s going to work.

    I don’t have much to say either today, so I thought I’d share some of the music I’ve been listening to while studying. Excuse me for being a nerd. Try not to judge me too hard for my music taste


    I'm just going to list some artists because doing individual songs is tedious and difficult

    - Daughter
    - Sufjan Stevens
    - The Japanese House
    - Foreign Fields
    - Flatsound
    - Youth Lagoon
    - Keaton Henson
    - Foals

    ahhhh so many!!!

    Also, here’s a picture of my setup today (sorry for the poor quality)
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    Your cat is not as nice as this one!

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    (Original post by KingHarold)
    Your cat is not as nice as this one!

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    That cat is very nice, you're not wrong. I think my cat has his work cut out

    sexy ass handwriting
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    Update 03 – 01/11/2017

    4 days in and I’ve already failed to update daily! I started college again this week, so things have been a bit hectic and I haven’t had a chance to post. Apologies for that.

    So, my week so far.

    I had a geology test and got a B, which I’m happy with. Fossil morphology is the hardest topic for most people, so I’m really glad. I’ll still have to work hard at remembering everything, but it feels like there’s a little less pressure now.

    I don’t really feel like a lot happened yesterday. I got the date for my core 3 mock, but I’m not in college that day so I’m not really sure what’s happening yet. We finally got folders for applied science and went to the lab to do a SUPER INTERESTING experiment. Only two people dropped something so it was pretty mediocre as far as lab lessons go.

    I’m not in college on Wednesdays because of another commitment I have. It was cancelled this week, and college wasn’t expecting me, so I didn’t go. I know, not the best example, but even members of staff suggested I don’t go in.

    I haven’t actually done any work (yet). I spent most of the day out with mum and rearranging furniture. I think I move things around more than anyone should, but sometimes my room just doesn’t feel right?

    I'm planning to finish things up in my room and then sit down and do some maths. I have a couple of homeworks due this week so I might get those over and done with tonight. I also need to sort out my applied science folder before tomorrow. I've got plenty of things to keep me busy tonight, so hopefully it'll be an okay one.

    I hope your week is going well, and that you're feeling okay. If not, feel better soon. Next week is another week.
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    Update 4 - 04/11/17

    Hello, again! I'm back with another update! I'm sorry that they're lacking a little bit - things have been kind of hectic since starting back at college.

    This week has gone incredibly slowly and yet it feels like I have so much to do and no time to do it!

    I thought I'd share with you my to-do list for this weekend. I'm not sure I'll do everything but I'm going to have a good go at it.

    Also, there's a bonus picture from my studygram of things I've been working on this week. It's not technically study related but there's some maths homework in the photo so close enough?

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    I hope you've had a decent week and that you're feeling okay. You got this!
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    Update 05 - 05/11/17

    Me again! I made it through the weekend and managed to achieve something! Granted, I didn't achieve much, but I think any achievement is worth a mini celebration. So in honour of productivity, I'm going to sit next to my radiator for a little bit and maybe play some Fortnite.

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    Here's the updated to-do list for this weekend plus a bonus reminder.

    I managed to do everything I needed to for maths, but it felt like such a slow process. I'm not really sure why it all took me so long. It felt like I was sat staring at the exam questions for hours. It wasn't even because I didn't feel like I could answer the question. It was just like my body and my brain were working at different speeds and not really getting anywhere. I guess that's something I need to work on. We have our core 3 mock this week so hopefully I'll be able to dig out all that core 3 knowledge that's been building up for the last 2 years.

    I did most of the things I needed to for science, except I've just realised that there's something else I need to do that wasn't on that list. Oops.
    Organising my folder was by far the most enjoyable of the tasks. Poster making is even horrible to say.
    I got given the sheet for the poster homework on Friday and I'm not really sure I've done the right thing. It says, in bold, 'your task is to make a poster or presentation about a group or period of the periodic table'. Okay, fair enough, easily done. After that it has 3 points about things completely unrelated to the task so I don't know whether he wanted us to include that information somewhere? All of the points have literally NOTHING to do with that thing in bold so ????????? Anyway, I made a poster. I'm pretty happy with it. It's a poster. WhO cArEs?

    I have done absolutely no geology this weekend. I did the catch-up notes on Thursday to be ahead of the game but it turns out there never was a game. I'm missing 2/3 geology lessons this week so I kind of figured I could get away with not doing anything. I'll do it during the week but I won't have the lesson until Friday and even then, my teacher might be on paternity leave so who knows? I feel a bit bad for not doing any. I really need to drill that fossil morphology into my brain before it's too late hahah

    I haven't really done anything else other than college work this weekend. I slept a lot, but that's really the extent of my extra-curricular activities.

    It was bonfire night this weekend, so I watched some fireworks from my window too! mY LiFe iS WiLd
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    Update 06 - 11/11/2017

    So, it's been a while - a whole 6 days in fact. I'm really doing a great job of the 'update daily' thing

    It's been a pretty hectic week. A few of my lessons were cancelled but I've had a couple of appointments, a core 3 mock, some science experiments for an assignment and a weird vomiting thing. All in a week's work!

    I've got a lot to do this weekend, but mainly because of me. I still haven't done any geology work and my teacher's paternity leave is over the next two weeks so I'm a bit worried that I'll just leave it all until the weekend before lessons start again. NOTE TO SELF - DON'T LEAVE ALL THE GEOLOGY WORK UNTIL THE WEEKEND BEFORE YOUR TEACHER COMES BACK OKAY COOL

    I'm meant to be doing some work for my science assignment too, but my teacher hasn't put it up yet so I'm not really sure what I need to do. I could be planning and working out concentrations at the least, so I better get cracking with that.

    I'm sorry this isn't a more interesting update. I wish I had some cool educational information to share with you but alas, I'm dry.

    Here's a picture of my cat again just for something to look at that isn't words.
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    Have a good weekend, folks!
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    Update 07 - 12/11/2017

    Would you look at that? Two updates in two days?

    I know that isn't necessarily a good thing so apologies for anybody who actually reads this.

    This weekend hasn't been very productive. I realise there's still time to change that but it feels a little pointless at this point.
    All I've really done is sit at my desk and do work, but I haven't actually achieved anything. I didn't think it was possible, but I've excelled myself.

    I have about 15 loads of geology notes to do, but I'm not really sure where to start and it's just making me procrastinate even more. I'm not really sure how I can jump that hurdle, except just get on with it and stop procrastinating.

    I attempted the calculations for the science assignment, but the notes I took are awful and I have no idea what any of it means. I really need to sort that out.

    Maths is a bit nicer. We've just started core 4 and my teacher told me I can work ahead since I've already done it. That basically means I can do stuff at my own pace, which is cool. Unfortunately though, I left my textbook at college and don't really fancy it.

    Overall, it's been a wasted weekend. I feel like I wasn't really here while any of it was happening so I'm just as tired as when I started. I'd quite like to get back to college just so I can feel like I'm achieving something just by being there.

    I hope your weekend has been more productive, have a good one!
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    Update 08 - 17/11/2017

    Attempt no. 2

    I accidentally created a new thread instead of actually updating so I'll try again. I don't know if it'd be wrong of me to just copy and paste it.

    Oh well.

    Evening folks.

    It’s been nearly a week since my last update so I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a little one on my phone while I’m not distracted.

    It’s been an up and down kind of week for me, in terms of productivity and everything else.

    I got my core 3 mock back and did better than expected so my teacher has put up my predicted grade (unfortunately my UCAS grade is the same )

    I also got set an assignment which is terrifying but interesting at the same time. I’ve never actually written an assignment before since I’ve only ever done exam based stuff, but there’s a first time for everything! right?

    I got a little overwhelmed with the assignment and had a little meeting with someone from academic support to talk through it and start it. I’m glad I did that.

    I also had a meeting about getting support at uni. The person contacted one of the uni’s I’m interested in and got some feedback which was just what we expected. I feel a little more comfortable about it, but I don’t feel any more informed.

    I had a reading day to day and planned to be super productive but after I’d got up and got dressed I accidentally fell back asleep for four hours and then it sort of spiralled from there. Hopefully I can avoid that tomorrow and actually achieve something.

    So I guess that’s the update for this week. I think I’ll update again tomorrow with what I managed to do, even though I think I’m the only one that visits my GYG blog.

    I hope your week was bearable and that you have a good weekend.

    p.s. another cat photo because why not and also because it perfectly reflects my mood at the moment
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    Update 09 - 22/11/2017

    On any other day, I'd be walking home from the bus stop now. It's weird looking outside and seeing how dark it is. It almost feels like it's been years since this happened, even though we all know it happened this time last year. It feels so alien. I don't know.. There's your daily dose of Lily going on a tangent.

    So I didn't manage to get much done last weekend. Despite that, this week has been okay in terms of productivity. I finally had a meeting with my tutor about university. I have another tomorrow about my personal statement. I've written nearly 1000 words on my assignment. There's lots to do. My brain is very mushy at the moment and I've had a few really bad days this week, but that's okay. I'm going through the motions and sometimes that's enough. If going through the motions is all you can do, do it. It's better than doing nothing. I think that's another dose of tangent. Oh well.

    I'm sorry this update is a mess. I read back through it and it feels about as clunky as things feel right now.

    I hope you're doing okay.

    If you aren't, you will.

    I don't know when it'll happen, but it will. You will get there. Hopefully, I will too.
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    I’m sorry it’s been a while since I updated. I’m back now!

    With 48 minutes and 3 seconds to spare, I have submitted my assignment! That was, I think, the worst first assignment anyone could have been given but it’s done now and I have an opportunity to fix it so it’s all gooood.

    Another thing today - I paid for my UCAS application! I’m not sure if I ever said what I intended to apply for, but it has since changed. My initial plan was to apply for psychology and psychology/criminology degrees (like I did last year). I’ve been debating for a while whether psychology was the right thing, and have decided that it isn’t. The bits I enjoyed about psychology were the things I enjoy more in maths and applied science. I love the biological aspects. I enjoy learning about the objective ways we measure things and the times when the brain goes wrong and affects behaviour. The brain is just so darn interesting. I’m taking it to a new level, and have applied for neuroscience (with a foundation year).

    I feel so much happier with the choice I have made. I am still scared poopless about the whole thing but honestly neuroscience feels like the right thing. I feel like it’s something that will fulfil me so much more than psychology could.

    So, this week has been an interesting one. I’ve rewritten my personal statement, I’ve had meetings, I’ve paid for my uni application (again), I’ve submitted my assignment, I’ve rescued a hedgehog, I’ve cried, I’ve shouted and I’ve achieved. I think. Maybe.

    So here’s an update to say ‘phew!’

    What. A. Week.


    Mum found a hedgehog out in the freezing cold last night and brought him in so we could weigh him to make sure he was heavy enough to survive the winter. He wasn’t so we were landed with a hedgehog, who was later named Gregg.
    We didn’t really know what to do with him, so we did some googling and put him in a nice deep box with a towel and some cat food. We contacted the local hedgehog lady, who asked if she could pick him up this morning since she was out. So, I ended up with Gregg as my roommate for the night. He didn’t really move a lot but pretty much as soon as I went to sleep he went to town in that box and kept me awake for as long as he could. Turns out he was trusting to dig? and spread his poo everywhere which was nice.

    Anyway, Gregg turned out to be definitely a male and is now with the local hedgehog lady getting fattened up so he can hibernate. I think he was a blessing to be honest.

    I miss Gregg.

    Was going to add the usual cat pic but here’s Gregg instead )Name:  5EFCBD7D-4E61-480A-88B4-FD45AEA1BDAA.jpg.jpeg
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