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    Hello folks, I began studying Business at a Junior College in the United States due to funding issues with going to the United Kingdom last year (Dept. of Education wouldn't authorize loans for the IFP.). Ergo, I decided the best use of my time would be to take up a programme in Business Studies.. Until I come to the UK after next semester that's.

    As of the mid-terms I've accumulated the following grades:

    % Wise it was:
    College Writing: 75.1%
    College 101: 90.77%
    Management: 91.67%
    Business: 94.67%
    Public Administration: 97.2%
    Marketing: 98%

    Business was the most disappointing, I didn't realize there were questions on the back of the packet costing myself 30pts, and a 98% average in the course. Some may think College Writing would be based on the percentage, but honestly if I didn't **** one of the essays up due to rust it would've been an 83-5 which I'm fine with, given my lack of affinity for the arts.

    I've largely been able to achieve these grades through a tried and true system:

    1) Do the weeks reading from Wednesday-Sunday
    2) Insert all chapter reading into quizlet
    3) Review terms a day before I sit the tests on quizlet
    4) Calmly review them again the day of the test.

    *If a test is coming up before that Wednesday then I'll adjust it.

    Furthermore, I also make sure to be active in classes/talk to my professor. I've found being heavily engaged in class has resulted in a much greater retainment of information. Moreover, professors also grade easier if you're active in class, and I've gotten extra credit thanks in part to it.

    Outside of what I've been doing to study, I've the following coming up:
    Business Final Project: This will be on the development of an automated car business which utilize internal hydrogen combustion engines.

    Marketing Final Project: This will be on a 3D Printing whole sale business. Which works to sell specialized parts to the rest of the manufacturing industry.

    Management Final Project: Undecided, I'll have this largely done by tomorrow.

    Public Administration Final Project: I was granted the ability to meet with the Chief Financial Officer of a multi-milliondollar organization, and my assignment is based upon the conversation had with Mr. Evans.
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    This's a reflection from Chapter 8 of Marketing. It's based on the reading done, as we've yet to actually do the material in class.

    Chapter 8 Reflection:

    As businessmen and entrepreneurs we aim to deliver to people what they need, unfortunately delivering those needs is risky, ergo we must perform marketing research in order to reduce the financial risk of going ahead with the proposed product.

    Firstly, to fulfill this goal marketing teams, follow a process consisting of five stages: Defining the problem, setting up a research plan, collecting the relevant information, analyze the findings and then recommend a marketing action. They do this by looking at the original end goal (what are we marketing), deciding the correct research path (exploratory, descriptive or casual research), overlooking the already learned secondary data/obtaining new primary data, applying context and understanding to what’s there through methods such as tabulation, and then recommending the action to be taken based upon this information.

    Moreover, the hope is in essence that by procuring the information from surveys, sales, census data, and so on that we can build a picture of the consumer. Through this picture we can work to provide the things that he needs within our company’s vision.
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    Just got a test back from management today, which I also have a test in today. The following mark was received:

    Exam #3: 28/25 (112%, A)

    I'm not entirely sure how I got +3pts on a test with no bonus questions, but I won't bother questioning the professor. Furthermore, I'm now at a 96.33% in the course, and with that I've secured a 3.55 GPA. Moreover, presuming I do well on the upcoming test, and then presentation I may be able to upgrade my GPA to a 3.7.. That depends on the weight of the presentation naturally.
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    Small update - After my most recent test I've a 98% in Public Administration.
    I now have an A in all core courses (Public Admin, Business, Marketing and Management) after achieving a 100 on my reflection paper in management pushing my GPA to a 3.61 das it mane

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