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    people currently at Uni, how did you first Meet people? Will people talk to you? Do u have to share a room with someone or can u have a house with couple of people that u choose to be with? Are there sororities that u can join? Can u go out at night? Are there going to be parties ? And if so how and when ? What is a freshers week? How is life at uni ? How are there teachers? Any young teachers?

    I first met people through my flatmates (random people in first year of uni doing random subjects), we went out during freshers week and I managed to meet some other people somehow (not really sure how if I'm honest, I was very drunk for most of it!). People will talk to you, if they don't then talk to them!

    From what I know, assuming you're in the UK, you don't share a room with someone, you have your own bedroom and then you share a kitchen/living room and potential bathrooms too (or you may have an en suite). After your first year (assuming you're in uni halls and not renting privately), you can choose who you live with and find your own house to rent out.

    Sororities (or societies as they're called in the UK), yes there are, these will vary depending on which uni you go to.

    Yes you can go out at night, you can do whatever you want because you're an adult.

    Yes there will be parties throughout the year arranged by you, your friends, the people you live with, the course, anyone can arrange a party whenever they want.

    Freshers week is an introduction week, usually you'll have one or two sessions as an introduction to your course, and then the rest of the week you have to settle in - there will be events during the day and events/parties at night arranged by clubs and the uni (again it varies depending on where you go).

    There will be a variety of young and older lecturers (teachers) at uni, and they are people so what they are like will depend on them and no one on here can tell you what lecturers will be like.

    Life at uni is what you make it, you can either be the one who goes out all the time drinking, or you can not do that and study and do other things - a lot of uni is also luck as to who you happen to meet and what they are like.

    I'm not that happy at my uni. I really hate being here
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Updated: October 28, 2017

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