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Tattooing from home? Illegal or Legal? Birds? What? watch

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    Hey people!
    I am currently living in a shared accommodation. Recently 2 new people (a couple) moved in into the biggest room and it turns out they are both tattoo artists. They are nice but have a very "**** it do what you want" attitude and since I am in my final year in university I just want peace.
    Anyway, the guy has decided to tattoo people from home. I am not exactly okay with that since there will be random people coming in and out into our private home, using our bathroom and during all hours of the day ( Today he tattooed a girl at 9pm until almost midnight). This obviously is inconveniencing me - for example, I wanted to take a shower but I couldn't due to a random person at the house.
    Anyway, I told him it is illegal to tattoo and I asked him when he would tattoo people in our house to which he said only once or twice per week ( I guess I can live with that), but my question now is - Is it legal for him to tattoo people and am I going to be held accountable if I know about it being illegal and not reporting it? I was thinking of telling my landlord about it but I don't want to create a hostile environment in the house.
    Another problem which arose from our conversation earlier is that he wants to get pet birds - two of them. I told him that that is a breach of contract since we are not allowed pets but he assured me that when he signed he was promised that he could bring them in. I highly doubt that he has that in writing somewhere. I am scared because as I said I am a student and would need to study for exams/ courseworks and I can't have some random birds chirping all day long. The bigger issue here is that I think if he does get pet birds it breaches my personal contract as I have agreed and asked for no pets (I love pets but they are a distraction sometimes).
    So my main question is how doI go about this situation without creating a hostile environment? If I complain to the landlord he would know and would "hate" me, if I say nothing i would have a bad experience and would have to put up with random people/annoying birds and if I try and talk to him(as I tried already) he seems to ignore me and rely on the "oh chill its gonna be fine".
    There are also two of them so I'm sure if I get on their bad side I am going to have a terrible life in this flat and I just don't want to deal with anything of the sorts.
    I can just wait and see if my other flatmates speak up about it but I doubt it as they work evening/nights and usually its only me at home.

    What do you guys think I should do?
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    Just speak to the landlord, what does it matter if they "hate" you, if they're in breach of contract the landlord will probably require they move out or serve an eviction notice to them if they don't.
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