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I only want sex, not love watch


    How old are you and how many guys have you slept with?

    How many do you ride per week?

    (Original post by DeadlyAphrodite)
    For one, relationships take too much time and effort, and in the end, they are always a waste. I get bored quickly of being with just one man. I don't like commitment.

    Feelings are messy complicated, and I prefer not to involve them at all. I enjoy sex with men very much, but... I'm simply unable connect with any of them, emotionally. I like them well enough, as friends, I suppose. I'm sexually attracted to them, yes. But beyond that? I can't say I care for them at all.

    I've had men tell me they loved me, sure. I may have even said I loved them back. I don't know if they meant their words - but I certainly didn't. Maybe I wanted to, but I simply did not have the capacity to. Such words repulse me, to be honest. Such affairs have always been brief, as they left me extremely unsatisfied. I got bored of them quickly - they failed to entertain me outside the bedroom. I may have broken a few hearts... But, I find myself utterly indifferent.

    Maybe relationships just aren't for me at all. People have never been high on my list of priorities. I take my sexual pleasure where I can find it, and then I move on - I want nothing more.

    Every other woman my age yearns for Prince charming. I really couldn't care less.
    Maybe you just haven't found the right guy yet?! To be honest you should do what makes yourself feel happy. If sex makes you happy it makes you happy. I'm happy for you! If I was a girl and was like this I wouldn't care what anyone else thought! Do what makes you happy!
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    No chance, not with an English girl mate. They're all lazy and self centred.

    - An English Man

    I mean ive hot girls that are like you and tbh i think its nice that there is girls like you. Nothing really wrong with not wanting a relationship and only wanting sex. As long as you dont hurt a guys feelings everything is fine with being sexually active
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    I’ve found casual sex gets a little boring after a while and meaningful loving sex tends to be the most euphoric experience, each to their own though.
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