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Been with my BF for 3 years, don't know if I'm going off him... watch

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    I have been going out with my boyfriend for 3 years, we met when I was 18 (I am now 21) and we have been living together at his parents for around a year, this wasn't really out of desire but due to unforeseen circumstances.

    When we first started going out, there wasn't an immediate connection... I thought he was a lovely person, very kind, caring and considerate but I didn't hugely fancy him and we didn't have the same sense of humour and laugh at the same thing etc. He even jokes around with me now and after he makes a joke, imitates me saying "those types of jokes aren't funny" as that is what I always say!! He always acts like the clown when we are in big groups, trying to make everyone laugh but he goes over the top with his jokes and I rarely find it funny at all. However, it is his personality... his little quirks, weird things he does make me smile and fill me with complete content!

    He really has so many positive traits as well, he will always help me when I am down and supports me with everything I do. I always thought it was the perfect man and I would never find anyone else like him! I can't put it all online but we have been through A LOT and he has always helped me and stayed by my side.

    However, over the last month, I have felt that we aren't really suited. He gets aggressive over the smallest of things. He is so messy and even though I tell him this annoys me, he doesn't try and tidy up after himself at all. We are heading in completely different directions (I want to finish my undergrad course and then go to study medicine) whereas he doesn't know what to do with his life, he just wants to be rich and tries to do the thing that makes him the most money at that moment! I want to save up all my money for a deposit on a house whereas he thinks we can live with his parents for loads of years and we should spend all our money on travelling. I like to go out in the evening, just run little errands or do something, otherwise I get fidgety and he hates doing this now even though we used to do it all the time. He spends all weekend doing hobbies that he has to go to so I feel lonely and have nothing to do all weekend. I don't feel loved by him at all, he does buy me dinners etc but I don't feel spoilt by him (like he does surprise me to things) or make me feel randomly loved.

    I have spoken to him about all these issues and nothing has been resolved.

    All these things aside, I think about all his little quirks and how much joy we have shared over the last 3 years and it makes me sad that I am having these negative feelings. Its like I don't want to be going off him!

    You can't put a 3 year relationship into short text for readers to completely understand but any advice would be hugely appreciated.

    Looks like your gunna have to parts ways,dont be disappointed there is another man out there who will love and cherish you and want to move forward in life in the same way,it just a case of finding them.

    It's run its course. Move on.
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